“I feel like our best football is yet to come. We’ve played some really good games, we’ve beaten some very good opponents in some big-time situations, but I truly believe like our best is yet to come.”

-Drew Brees, quarterback, New Orleans Saints

After their impressive 31-27 win over the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons, Saints quarterback Drew Brees had a few things to say to a YouWager news source.

First, Brees was also kind enough to compliment the Falcons on their competitive playing.

About the Falcons, Brees told YouWager source, “They’re a really good football team, and have been for the last four years, ever since Mike Smith took over there. That offense and that defense, I know they got a couple of new coordinators this year, but they’re playing as well as ever, obviously. It’s a divisional game; those are all big games. I think the fans play up the rivalry between the Saints and Falcons a little more than the players, but we know they’re a well coached football team, a disciplined football team, and we know we need our best to beat them. I guess over the past few years, we’ve been able to put that forth.”

Brees also addressed the issue of his team’s running game, something that had been a major concern among many of YouWager’s NFL football bettors: “All of the running backs did a phenomenal job with whatever they were tasked to do. The offensive line, I can’t say enough about those guys – their ability to not only open holes in the run game, but pass protection as well. A lot goes into a good running game – the guys up front, the tight ends, the receivers and such. It’s the flow of the play calling; Pete Carmichael did a phenomenal job with creating that balance, that flow and that rhythm.”

When asked about the ratio of runs and throws, Brees spoke about the balance of 29 runs vs. 33 passes. “That’s what you’re looking for. That’s when you know you’re really rolling as an offense. When you have that balance, you’re being successful, you’re sustaining drives and opening up some big-play opportunities in the pass game.”

Brees called Saints running back Chris Ivory a “beast.” He said, “On more than one occasion, he stiff-armed somebody or ran somebody over or cut back on somebody. He’s a rare combination of speed and power.”

Brees also tipped his hat to the New Orleans defense. He told YouWager’s source, “They did a great job, especially after the first two series, really after the first series. Atlanta did a nice job of moving down the field and making a big play. (The Falcons) got a touchdown and then a turnover on the first play, the defense goes right out there and stops them. After that, we went on a 28-7 run, and obviously they were creating a lot of good opportunities for us to stay on the field, possess the ball and go down and get points.”

When YouWager’s source asked Brees about improvements in the offense for New Orleans, he appeared to be candid in his response. “I think it’s just kind of finding our own, finding our rhythm,” he said. “We were in some different circumstances in games at those times as well. That was uncharted territory for all of us, those first four weeks. After that, I really feel we were able to figure it out offensively and find our rhythm.”

While many in the online betting community will agree the Super Bowl-winning quarterback is an excellent ambassador for New Orleans, the real proof of the team’s development will be put to another test this Sunday when the Saints face the Oakland Raiders at home. At YouWager, New Orleans is currently a 4.5 favorite in this weekend’s contest. The total is 55. Game time on Sunday is 4:05 PM Eastern.