10 Lessons from Week 11

YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans saw three overtime games and six divisional contests that were all settled by only seven points or less. Sunday, Four NFL games were won in the last two minutes or in overtime. The Atlanta Falcons and the Houston Texans are now 9-1, after less than thrilling victories. The Philadelphia Eagles and Arizona Cardinals both lost their sixth game in a row. The Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers won their fifth. The Washington Redskins and the New York Jets won their first matchups since the middle of October. Here are 10 items for YouWager bettors to consider.

1. Rob Gronkowski should not have been on the field.

New England coach Bill Belichick is known for playing his starters for 60 minutes no matter what the score is. Still, it seemed like a big mistake in Gronk’s case to many YouWager football bettors. The score was 51-24 with less than 10 minutes remaining. Hindsight is easy, but did the Patriots really need their star receiver on the field? Without Aaron Hernandez, risking Gronkowski seems foolish now. Maybe Belichick will reconsider in the future.

2. After their victories, Dallas and Houston only have 4 days to prepare.

Now that it’s clear the NFL will keep the Thursday night games, the schedule will be more intense. Six different teams will have to recover from their contests on Sunday, and turn around and play after only 4 four days off. Can the Cowboys and the Texans keep winning? They will need some rest to recover.

3. Like the rest of the Eagles, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is in denial.

After Philadelphia lost 31-6 to the Washington Redskins, the Eagles cornerback told a YouWager source, “Nobody has lined up and just beat us.” Sure. Besides the seven teams that have lined up and beaten them in the 2012 NFL football wagering season.

4. The 2012 Packers look stronger than the 2011 model.

In the 2011 season, Green Bay scored more points than they ever had. They won 15 games in the regular season, and their quarterback got the MVP award. But they lost in their only playoff contest. The 2012 Packers team appears tougher, even without several key players. The Packers got their 5th win in a row in Detroit. That toughness will come in handy in playoffs.

5. Watch out for The Bengals.

While Baltimore and Pittsburgh were battling on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals won their second game in a row. Without a lot of hype, the AFC North’s fourth team improved their record to 5-5. The Bengals are only one game behind the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC. Cincinnati will face Oakland and San Diego next. The Bengals defense has kept their opponents to less than 13 points for two weeks in a row.

6. The Raiders still look like losers.

As Oakland rolls through another losing season, only so many injuries can take the blame for the team’s poor performance. Mark Davis, the owner, told a YouWager news source, “As I’ve said before, I didn’t think we had a Super Bowl team, but you can’t blame this on the new front office or the salary cap.” Really? YouWager’s football bettors are free to blame anyone they wish. One factor- the Raiders simply don’t have the league’s best talent in any key position, besides kicker or punter.

7. Tampa and New Orleans are climbing as Atlanta stumbles.

All three teams won on Sunday. The 9-1 Falcons remain undefeated –at home. But Atlanta barely won against the Arizona Cardinals in a 23-19 game marked by turnovers. QB Matt Ryan threw 5 interceptions. The Saints and the Bucs have won four in a row now, and the Falcons have won three close ones. Atlanta doesn’t exactly have a lock on the NFC South. For one thing, they haven’t played Tampa Bay yet.

8. Justin Blackmon may not be a disappointment after all.

With QB Blaine Gabbert out of the game with an elbow injury, Blackmon got passes from Chad Henne instead, and things immediately changed for the better. Jacksonville’s top ten pick made 7 receptions for 236 yards and a touchdown, and the online betting community took notice.  Prior to this, Blackmon only had 250 yards for the season.

9. It’s probably over for San Diego.

It started in Week 6 when the Chargers played the Broncos. Denver’s 30-23 win over San Diego likely sewed up the 2012 AFC West, and it may have signaled the end for the Chargers. The Broncos have not lost a game since that contest. The Chargers have only managed one victory since then, and they still have to play the Ravens, the Bengals, and the Steelers.

10. Andrew Luck isn’t Peyton Manning. Yet.

Online sports bettors love comparisons between great quarterbacks, but YouWager’s NFL analysts say it’s still a little early to hype a Brady vs. Luck challenge. It is not the same as putting Brady up against Manning. After much hype, New England put some of it to rest with a 59-24 victory over Indianapolis. The Patriots are 7-3, and they’ve won four in a row. Luck and Brady may meet again, but the experienced veteran QB clearly has an edge.