Keeping track of the injured list is serious business for the sports betting public. But sometimes, it’s even entertaining. As YouWager‘s most dedicated NBA basketball bettors may know, Andrew Bynum, center for the Philadelphia 76ers, recently hurt his knee when he was bowling. That’s right. Bowling. Bynum, as YouWager’s resident historian reminds us, is hardly the first professional athlete to get injured away from the field of battle, or be hurt in an unexpected way. He thought our sportsbook bettors might be amused to hear about some of the more unusual injuries sustained by famous athletes.

1. Lionel Simmons, a forward for the Sacramento Kings, sat out two games in his rookie year with tendonitis in his wrist and forearm from playing too many hours of GameBoy.

2. Pitcher Steve Parks lost his chance to start in a Major League Baseball betting season for the Milwaukee Brewers while showing off for his teammates. According to YouWager’s source, during spring training, Parks was making fun a motivational speaker hired by the team. As he attempted to rip a phone book in half, he dislocated his shoulder.

3. NHL goalie Glen Healy played the bagpipes. He was unable to play for the Maple Leafs after he accidentally sliced himself while working on an antique instrument. The wound required several stitches.

4. Back in 1940, Turk Edwards, a Hall of Fame offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins, actually got hurt during the pregame coin toss. As Edwards turned to go back to the sideline, his cleats caught on the turf and he twisted his knee. His career in football was over after that.

5. YouWager bettors may remember that Wade Boggs was out for seven games once with a back injury. He strained his back pulling on a pair of cowboy boots.

6. After he scored a goal, Servette midfielder Paulo Diogo celebrated with a leap into the excited crowd. When he jumped, his wedding ring caught on the fence and ripped part of his finger off. He was also fined for excessive celebration,’ YouWager’s research expert says.

7. Rings can be dangerous. Cecil Upshaw of the Atlanta Braves missed an entire Major League betting season when he caught one on an awning while he was trying to dunk a basketball.

8. Legendary Boston Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen was known to keep his false teeth in his back pocket while he played, But when he needed to slide into second base, this habit came back to bite him on the butt. Literally. The injury forced him to leave the game. Some sharp YouWager bettors might have seen that one coming.

9. Point guard Muggsy Bogues had to leave a game when he felt dizzy. The cause was determined to be the fumes from the ointment for a sore muscle.

10. In the mid seventies, Mets pitcher Ken Sanders was blinded by the glare of a glass partition behind home plate at Shea Stadium. When the catcher threw the ball back to him, he didn’t see it. The ball broke his nose.

11. Greg A. Harris missed starting for the Rangers in a Major League game with an elbow injury. It was irritated after the pitcher threw sunflower seeds at a friend.

12. Here’s a tale of caution for everyone in the online betting community. Remember to always to read the directions, YouWager bettors. Brazilian soccer star Ramalho was out for three days after he mistakenly swallowed a suppository.

13. Norwegian soccer star Svein Grondalen was training so hard for an important international match during the 1970s, that he must have been a little distracted when he went for a run. He ran into a moose. He wasn’t able to play in the game.

14. In the 1999 baseball betting season, Atlanta’s first baseman, Ryan Klesko was out for many games because he hurt his back lifting his lunch.

15. Poor Tom Glavine. During the 1992 season, the pitcher had a case of food poisoning that was so bad, he broke a rib while he was throwing up.

16. Some of YouWager’s older baseball bettors may remember Chicago Cubs outfielder Jose Cardenal. Cardenal was known for using suspicious injuries to avoid games. He once claimed crickets in his hotel room kept him from sleeping, and he was too tired to play the next day. In 1974, he could play because his eye was stuck in the open position, and he could not blink.

17. According to a usually reliable YouWager source, the great Nolan Ryan was not able to pitch in a game once because he had been bitten by a coyote.

18. Baseball bettors, do not try this one: During the 2002 Major League Baseball wagering season, Marty Cordova, a left fielder for the Baltimore Orioles got a severe burn on his face when he fell asleep on a tanning bed. Ordered by a doctor to avoid sunlight, Cordova had to sit out all of the day games while he healed.

19. Sascha Bender, a soccer player for the Stuttgart Kickers suffered a serious injury when Christian Okpala, his teammate, punched him in the face. Okpala said Bender started it. He told YouWager’s source that Bender provoked him “by farting all the time.”