“We’re all battling out there; I don’t know if the hit was legal or not, but clearly he was hurt, and they’re out there dancing and pointing at him and laughing. Just blatant disrespect. They’re good players, but there’s no room for that. It’s disgusting, really.”

– Mike McGlynn, right tackle, Indianapolis Colts

A YouWager news source reports that during their recent contest, Ndamukong Suh and other Detroit Lions players were pointing, laughing, and dancing after Indianapolis defensive tackle Winston Justice was knocked down with a concussion injury. McGlynn saw this, and had a few things to say to Suh after the game. McGlynn confronted Suh immediately after quarterback Andrew Luck’s game-winning touchdown pass to Donnie Avery in the game’s last minute.

McGlynn did not repeat what he said to Suh. He described Detroit’s poor sportsmanship this way to YouWager’s source: “Totally ignorant on their part, just childish stuff.” He said that his fellow teammates would not have celebrated if one of their players had been injured. “If that had happened to one of their players, we’d never do something like that. But that’s what makes the win even sweeter. That’s why they lose. I hope they never win another game.”

Suh still claims he’s not a dirty player. But last week, he was fined $30,000 for kicking Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the crotch after a play in their Thanksgiving Day game. As a senior NFL analyst reminds us, in the 2011 NFL football wagering season, Suh was suspended for two games for the previous Thanksgiving game, after he stomped on Evan Dietrich-Smith of the Green Bay Packers.

Remember, this is not an ordinary-sized fellow coming after you,” YouWager’s football experts says. “The man is 6’4” and weighs more than 300 pounds.”

Suh told a YouWager source some time back that he had cleaned up his act after the first Thanksgiving incident. “That play, in my opinion, is something that I made a horrible mistake,” Suh said. “And I hurt my team. And I will forever be sorry about it.”

Suh said he changed “for the better” after the Thanksgiving stomp. “To be honest with you, it’s been something that’s eye-opening,” Suh told YouWager’s source. “It’s made me focus in and understand what’s most important, and that’s team first. I’m a selfless player.”

Suh was not flagged on the field during the last game, for the brutal hit on Justice. YouWager’s football pro says the league’s has a strict procedure. If the NFL officiating crew decides there was a violation, Merton Hanks, vice president of football operations for the NFL, would probably determine any disciplinary action.