Hockey News at YouWager: NHL and NHLPA Exchange Proposals

For two days in a row the NHL and NHLPA met late into the evening while trying to come to as many agreements about a collective bargaining as possible. YouWager experts are still unsure about just how much common ground was forged, although the NHLPA seems to be growing increasingly wary of the current players/owners-only meetings.

According to several sources some are worried that the union’s membership format may be an attempt to divide the players and isolate the constituency from its leadership.

In addition others have said that the union believes that, going forward, there should be no restrictions as to who is in the room, therefore allowing each side to bring back whomever it wants.

At NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s suggestion on the previous days both he and NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr have remained on the periphery of discussions, while several players (17 to 19 over the last two days ) and six owners have driven negotiations. The league deputy commissioner Bill Daly and NHLPA special counsel Steve Fehr, however, were allowed to participate for each side.

Following this idea has brought forth two consecutive days of exhaustive discussions, even when it’s still unclear just how much progress it has yielded.