NHL Hockey News at YouWager: Negotiations Come to a Halt

Just yesterday YouWager bettors who follow hockey still had hopes about the NHL and the NHL Players’ Association being able to reach a deal to end the lockout. However, things didn’t work quite that way.

After three days of labor talks in the middle of possibly reaching a new collective bargaining agreement, the NHL rejected the union’s latest proposal and pulled several elements of its own off the negotiating table.

All hope was quickly gone and replaced quickly by fear that being able to save the season never has looked more bleak.

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman has said that all items offered to the NHLPA in the past week have been rescinded, along with any and all “Make Whole” payments.

It’s not clear when the two sides will meet again, although NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr said the union was informed not to expect any meeting before the weekend.

It’s very likely that a serious discussion will take place soon amongst the union on possible desertification or disclaimer of interest. Other sources confirm that the issue was discussed on the players’ conference call Thursday morning, and that a vote could come together soon once readdressed.