Robert Griffin III with Mild Knee Injury: NFL Talk at YouWager

YouWager experts have learned that Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III’s knee injury is not that serious. However, there are still some very important uncertainties.

The 22 year-old star quarterback might or might not play Sunday when the Redskins visit the Cleveland Browns. Coach Mike Shanahan, knowing full well that it makes the other team work extra to prepare for two quarterbacks, will undoubtedly wait as long as possible to publicly commit one way or the other to Griffin or fellow rookie Kirk Cousins.

The interior of Griffin’s right knee was the main topic of intense scrutiny during Shanahan’s weekly news conference, when it was shown that an injury to a franchise player like the QB can flummox even a seasoned coach. At one point Shanahan stated Griffin had a “strain of the ACL” before later correcting the diagnosis to a sprained LCL, with the coach stepping away from the podium to demonstrate the location of the ligament involved.

The LCL is one of four ligaments in the knee. A Grade 1 sprain often means the ligament is stretched or has some minor tears and usually doesn’t require surgery. The Redskins’ player will get multiple treatments daily and will probably have to wear a brace for several weeks.

The next major benchmark is whether the native of Japan will able to take part when practice resumes tomorrow.

Griffin’s father, Robert Griffin Jr., recently stated in a text message that his son was “feeling good” and that “we will know by Thursday” whether Griffin III will be able to suit up against Cleveland.