Games Cancelled Through Jan. 14: NHL News at YouWager

Yesterday YouWager experts learned that the NHL has canceled more games through Jan. 14, as time is running out to save the season.

In between all of the speculation the hockey league has set mid-January as a deadline to either get a new collective bargaining agreement in place or cancel the entire season, the NHL predictably canceled more games with the labor impasse at yet another standstill.

Thus far, 625 regular-season games, or 50.8 percent of the entire schedule, has been canceled.

The NHL and players’ association representatives haven’t met face to face since Dec. 13 when talks involving mediators did not deliver progress whatsoever.

Fans can expect more news to come today when voting comes to an end among the 700-plus players who were asked by the NHLPA’s executive board for authorization to file a disclaimer of interest in hopes of dissolving the union and try to have the lockout deemed illegal.

It’s yet unknown if the executive board will file a disclaimer but it has until Jan. 2 if it gets a “yes” vote from players Friday.

As of right now the NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr told reporters in Toronto before an NHLPA charity game Wednesday night that his side is ready to resume bargaining whenever the NHL agrees to meet again.

During a news conference earlier in December held in New York after talks broke up again, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman stated that anything less than a 48-game season would be unacceptable.

Taking into account that the NHL has said it is willing to push a season into late June, a 48-game season would possibly begin around the third week of January.