Hockey League Makes New Offer: NHL News at YouWager

YouWager has learned that the NHL has made a new proposal to the NHL Players’ Association with things looking like they’re going to head towards a canceled season.

According to one of the players the league made a new offer to the NHLPA yesterday, one that moved on the term limit for player contracts, salary variance and buyouts.

The NHL’s insistence on a five-year limit has been a major sticking point with players, who spoke back Dec. 6 with a willingness to limit deals to eight years.

Thus far, there has been no meeting scheduled for today between the sides. The NHLPA needs time to review the lengthy and detailed offer from the NHL.

Some details of the new offer are:

• Term limit on player contracts moves to six years from the five years the hockey league asked in previous offers (seven years if you’re re-signing your own player).

• Year-to-year salary variance will go from 5 percent (NHL’s previous offers) to 10 percent.

• Each hockey team can have one compliance buyout before the 2013-14 season that will not count against the salary cap but will count against the players’ share.

• The Make Whole provision stays at $300 million.

The NHLPA’s executive board has until Jan. 2 to decide whether to file a notice of disclaimer of interest. This occurs after last week players voted overwhelmingly to give the board the right to do so.