As YouWager’s NFL football betting fans speculate about which coaches will go where, after the league’s latest firing frenzy, there may be another name to toss into the hat: Bill O’Brien, at Penn State. The word in the online betting community is that Obrien may be on a short list for teams like the Cleveland Browns or the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to a YouWager news source, O’Brien already turned down an invitation to talk with the Jacksonville Jaguars, nearly a year ago, when he decided to go to Penn State.

YouWager’s NFL analysts caution sportsbook bettors to reject any unconfirmed rumors this early. They feel that O’Brien will not leave a powerful college team for just any old NFL job. In his first season as the Nittany Lions coach, during the 2012 college football betting season, the former New England Patriots offensive coordinator was named Big Ten Coach of the Year.

In spite of the horrible Jerry Sandusky scandal, O’Brien’s first season as head at the school was much more productive than most YouWager football bettors ever expected. With a record of 8-4 for the year, O’Brien had the most victories for a first year head coach in the school’s history. When O’Brien took on the job, succeeding the legendary Joe Paterno, school officials told him that the Jerry Sandusky situation was a criminal matter, not a concern for the NCAA. Unfortunately, as YouWager’s football wagering fans know, it didn’t turn out that way at all. Penn State was hit with a four-year ban from bowl games, and the penalties extended to reductions in scholarships.

Those NCAA sanctions could be a major factor for O’Brien. That, or his lack of fondness for the egos of the elite quarterbacks.

O’Brien began his coaching career in 1993 with Brown. After more than a decade in the ACC, he joined the New England Patriots as a quarterbacks coach and then became their offensive coordinator, in the 2011 NFL football wagering season. YouWager’s hard-core football bettors probably remember the incident that may have sent O’Brien back to school. During a 32–27 win over the Washington Redskins, on December 12th of 2011, O’Brien and quarterback Tom Brady had a ‘discussion’ after Brady threw an interception. It became so intense that people on the sidelines had to pull the two apart.

Penn State’s top-rated quarterback prospect, Christian Hackenberg, wants to believe that his boss won’t leave him for an opportunity with the Pros. “I mean, I’m hoping,” Hackenberg told YouWager’s source. “I’ve got my fingers crossed.” If O’Brien leaves Penn State before his signing day, on February 6th of 2013, Hackenberg may reconsider. “I’d think about it,” he admitted to YouWager source. O’Brien, he said, is a “big part of it. He’s the guy who’s going to develop me. That’s one of the big things I looked at. I’ll see what happens.”