After the NFL’s black Monday, here’s a list of the coaches that got the axe

Most of YouWager’s dedicated NFL football bettors saw them coming. No doubt, many of the coaches saw it coming. Around this time of year, so many underperforming NFL teams begin to hope the their next head coach will be able to turn things around. This, as hardcore sportsbook bettors know, rarely ever happens. But sometimes, change is good. Any change.

Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles

Most NFL football wagering fans saw this one well in advance. Reid was very successful with the Eagles. He led the club to a Super Bowl appearance, nine appearances in the playoffs, with eight seasons that saw more than ten victories, plus five NFC title game berths. But nothing like that has happened in the last two NFL football wagering seasons. In 2011 Philadelphia ended with an 8-8 record. This year was even worse, as the Eagles dropped to 4-12. Once the league’s longest-tenured head coach, Reid ends his run in Philly with a 130-93-1 record, according to a top NFL expert at YouWager, after 14 years.

Pat Shurmur, Cleveland Browns

YouWager’s sharpest football bettors expected this one, too. The team had some success under Shurmur, and he had some help from the front office. After a dismal 0-5 start in the 2012 NFL football betting season, the Browns got to a 5-8, but they lost their last three games in a row. Cleveland did better than last year, YouWager’s NFL analyst reminds us, but going from a 4-12 to a 5-11 record certainly wasn’t setting the world on fire. Shurmur may need to prove himself as an offensive coordinator to earn another opportunity in the NFL as a head coach.

Romeo Crennel, Kansas City Chiefs

Along with a horrendous 2-14 run, the team also had the deal with a horrible   murder-suicide. The only good thing to come out of this season for Kansas City will be their Number One pick in the NFL Draft. Crennel is 65. With his 28-55 overall record this may be the last YouWager’s football bettors see of him. After all Crennel has been through, few NFL experts think he would want to come back anyway.

Chan Gailey, Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills of the 2012 NFL football betting season were pretty much the same as the Bills of 2011 and the Bills of 2010. And that’s not saying much. YouWager’s NFL pro tells us the last time Buffalo was in the playoffs was in 1999. Gailey was the third head coach for Buffalo since the club last had a winning season. The Dallas Cowboys fired Gailey back 1999 after just two seasons. He barely lasted for six years at Georgia Tech. At the age of 60, Gailey may not come back to work in the league as a head coach again.

Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears

Some of YouWager’s football bettors were a little surprised to see Chicago let Smith go. Yes, the Bears suffered a losing season, and missed out on the playoffs, but Smith’s teams had won ten or more games in two of the last three NFL football wagering seasons, and put in a Super Bowl appearance. YouWager’s NFL expert says he was Chicago’s most successful coach since Mike Ditka. Of course, even Ditka was fired, eventually. YouWager’s NFL analyst thinks that if Chicago’s offense had improved, Smith would still have a job.

Smith ends his years with the Bears with an 81-63 regular season record. That’s probably good enough to get him his next coaching position.

Ken Whisenhunt, Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals ended the season with a 5-11 record. The team’s 4-0 start now looks like a miracle. Arizona may already be interviewing Andy Reid right now. But new coach can rebuild this team without a real quarterback. At 50, Whisenhunt is young enough to recover. He led a team to the playoffs two times, and nearly won a Super Bowl. Proof that the head coach wasn’t the only problem is the fact that the club also fired the General Manager.

Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers

No, Norv hasn’t actually been fired yet. But most of YouWager’s serious NFL football bettors think it’s just a matter of time. San Diego’s record has been worse with each season in the last three years. Turner had some luck early in his career, but he has been considered a joke for some time in the NFL. Many sportsbook bettors think that Turner will never even be a head coach again. To stay in the league, Turner would probably have to concentrate on coordinating an offense.

Honorable Mention:

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers. Carolina’s 7-9 record is only one more win than last year. If he does get fired, he’s young enough to end up somewhere else, very soon.

Mike Tannenbaum, Executive, New York Jets. If the Jets keep Rex Ryan, they will surely make someone in the front office pay for the fiasco that was the club’s 2012 NFL season. Tannenbaum seems a certainty.

Gene Smith, GM, Jacksonville Jaguars. Like the Jets, if Jacksonville keeps their head coach, they will likely make someone take the fall for their disastrous team and record.

As YouWager’s NFL forecaster reminds us, almost every coach eventually becomes unpopular. Even the best. He says he wishes the unemployed coaches the best of luck in the New Year.