Bryant Blames “Age” for Lakers Losses: NBA News at YouWager

Yesterday the Los Angeles Lakers lost 103-99 versus the Philadelphia 76ers and Kobe Bryant blamed the 15-16 season on one thing: their age.

Philadelphia beat Los Angeles yesterday primarily with the contributions of 22-year-old Jrue Holiday (26 points, 10 assists) and 24-year-old Evan Turner (22 points, 13 rebounds).

Bryant, who has been able to lead the NBA in scoring this season despite being in his 17th year, stated every player has to learn to create that energy individually.

The 34 year-old player felt pretty much the same about his team’s previous defeat to the Denver Nuggets on Dec. 26, pinning the 12-point road blowout on how his team looked slow on the court.

YouWager experts consider Dwight Howard wasn’t helpful either, the lone young star in the Lakers’ lineup. The 27 year-old player finished yesterday with just seven points on 1-for-7 shooting to go with 14 rebounds and five blocks as he appeared to labor up and down the court.

Howard rebutted several inquiries about the state of his back injury, for which he underwent surgery in April, stating he has not suffered any setbacks in his rehabilitation and that his mobility has not been limited by it.

Metta World Peace was not on board with the age statement of the Lakers’ roster as an excuse for their play, using as an example what the New York Knicks have accomplished so far this NBA season.