NHLPA Fails to File Disclaimer: Hockey Talk at YouWager

In hopes of dissolving the union there was a self-imposed midnight deadline for the NHLPA to file a disclaimer of interest; however, YouWager has learned that negotiations continued into this very morning.

The day passed with meetings between the NHL and a federal mediator and the union which elected not to dissolve.

The hockey players may still decide to go for that in the near future if they believe no progress is being made, however that would require the membership to vote again and authorize the union’s executive board the right to file.

According to NHL commissioner Gary Bettman the word “disclaimer” was never mentioned throughout the day’s negotiations.

He added that the two sides, which met throughout Wednesday in small group sessions and then in a formal negotiating meeting for more than five hours into this morning, will meet again today morning at the request of federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh. The time is likely to come in the early hours.

In addition, Bettman as well as Fehr said there were difficulties in some areas, but did not go into further detail. Nevertheless, it’s not clear if they reached an agreement on any of the issues paramount to each side.

One of the main issues is the proposed salary cap for Year 2. The hockey league is asking for a $60 million cap in 2013-14, down from $70.2 million (pro-rated) in 2011-12, while the union is looking for $65 million.

The NHL has already canceled all games through Jan. 14, and the deadline to salvage the hockey season is dwaning. Bettman has added that a deal would need to be reached by Jan. 11 in order for a 48-game season to take place.