Andy Reid, former head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and now, the new coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, announced this week that Kansas City will continue the 3-4 defensive system that the team has been using for the last 4 NFL seasons. There has been talk in the online betting community that Reid might change Kansas City’s defense to the 4-3 defensive front that he relied on when he was head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. But Reid told a YouWager news source that he hired new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, formerly with the New York Jets, as a linebackers coach, with the 3-4 in mind.

Reid told a YouWager’s source, “There’s been time invested in the 3-4 here. The 3-4 gives you some flexibility. I’ve run both (defensive systems). I’ve been involved in both so I understand how they were. The 4-3 is good if you have the right coaches in place and the team is invested in it. But this team here is invested in the 3-4, so let’s continue to build it and get better at it.”

Kansas City even drafted players like end Tyson Jackson and outside linebacker Justin Houston just for the 3-4 system. Reid’s new coordinator, Bob Sutton was hired for this strategy. Reid said, “Sutton is able to keep the keep the integrity of the defense as far as the 3-4 goes. Bob knows the 3-4 and he knows it well.”

Reid also told YouWager’s source that he would be calling the offensive plays himself, rather than rely on offensive coordinator Doug Pederson. Reid spoke of highly of Pederson. “He’s a sharp kid. He was in charge of the quarterbacks. Doug is a good student. I’ve watched his leadership on the field. I’ve watched his ability to teach. I’ve watched the respect the players have for him. All of those things checked out. He’s a creative guy. He knows this offense like the back of his hand. He knows protections, he knows situational calls.”

Reid hired coordinators and a great deal of the coaching staff right away. The club is still searching for coaching help at linebacker, defensive back, offensive line and special teams. Reid did say he would probably keep two coaches that worked for former coach Romeo Crennel, Gary Gibbs and Emmitt Thomas.

“I just want to sit down with them face to face,” Reid said.

According to YouWager’s source, Reid interviewed Tony Sparano, offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, and former head coach for the Miami Dolphins Reid said, “Tony is a sharp guy. We’ll see how it all works out.”

Many of YouWager’s hardcore NFL football betting fans love the 3-4 concept, but some were not happy to hear that the Chiefs would be using it. They didn’t feel that Kansas City has the right players for it. Some think the team is too short on strong linebackers, and believe a 4-3 program would work better for the club.