New first-down indicator could enhance game experience for fans

YouWager’s NFL football betting fans have gotten used to seeing the imaginary line indicated on their TV screens to remind them where the First Down marker is, in relation to the action on the field. Now, it seems that the first-down line could actually be visible for fans at the game. It could even become part of the live experience in all of the 32 stadiums in the NFL. How?

Remember sportscaster Pat Summerall? Mr. Summerall is backing a new invention developed by Alan Amron, they call the First Down Laser System. Amron claims his new system will project an electronic first-down line on the field that will be visible in person. The NFL is said to interested, but not convinced just yet.

Amron told a YouWager news source, “The NFL is our prime customer at this point, and if we can make something that they like, maybe the NCAA and Canadian Football League will follow suit.”

Amron first tried to convince the league that his system will work in 2003 and later, in 2009. There may more meetings, and even demonstrations, in the near future.

Amron told YouWager’s source, “They give me different opinions and suggestions along the way. We comply with them and come back. They tell me it took them years and years to implement replay and the overhead cam. The NFL right now has made it very clear to us that they didn’t want to eliminate the chains, but augmenting them wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman, told YouWager’s source, “We have not been convinced that it would work for us, but we are open to further discussion after the season.”

It would be no small undertaking, an NFL wagering expert at YouWager explains. The laser system will have to be connected to the first-down markers on both sides of the field. It projects a light green line across the field. Amron’s system would work along with the officials measuring with the old chain system, but, according to the inventor, it promises to be much more exact. The idea, YouWager’s NFL analyst says, is that as soon as a player hits the ground, the laser system will make it clear if there is a first down situation.

As Pat Summerall reminds us, “A misplaced ball on a first-down measurement can mean the difference between winning and losing a game.”

Amron said he was inspired after watching an NFL game on TV, with the first down indicator, and then he went to an actual game in the stadium, and missed the line. He told YouWager’s source, “Right away I realized it would be a great thing to be able to project it onto the field. I filed patents on it within weeks.”

In an attempt to get more fans into the stands, the league has looked to find new ways to add to the experience with giant screens, displaying the same images that the officials study before making their calls, and sharing footage from other games in the NFL. Could this laser line be next? Summerall assured YouWager’s source, “It will help all teams bring more fans to the stadium to see the game in person.”