Actually, no one will come out and say exactly how it happened. Maybe they don’t even know.

It seems there was a party going on. As YouWager’s NFL football betting fans watched, with the rest of the world, the Baltimore Ravens were celebrating, live for television cameras, and rightly so. They had just won the Super Bowl.

After beating brother Jim’s San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII, John Harbaugh’s team was now the unquestioned NFL Champion. Cameras were close by as the two history-making head coaches, the first brothers to compete in a Super Bowl, Jim and John Harbaugh, congratulated each other on the field. John Harbaugh made a point to do this before he started celebrating, he later told a YouWager news source. Ravens cornerback Chykie Brown lay down on the ground and made a virtual snow angel in the confetti that was raining from overhead. There were cameras everywhere. Champagne was flowing. After the cameras went away, the party must have gotten a bit wilder. John Harbaugh admitted that at some point during the ‘postgame celebration,’ someone realized the trophy was missing.

“We hadn’t seen this [trophy] since last night,” he told YouWager’s source the next day. “We thought we lost it.”

When sportsbook bettors consider all of the trouble that John Harbaugh went through to get the Lombardi trophy- winning the playoffs, defeating his brother’s team, and surviving a momentum-killing 34 minute wait for the Superdome lights to be restored, they might be surprised to learn that Mr. Harbaugh, or the team’s owner, Steve Bisciotti, could be so careless with the NFL’s top award. But, yes, that’s what Coach Harbaugh admitted to YouWager’s source. They were careless. It got a little crazy.

YouWager’s research chief tells that since Super Bowl XXX, the trophy has traditionally been given to the winning team’s owner on the field following the game. Previously, it was presented inside the winning team’s locker room. Steve Bisciotti’s ownership of the Ravens has been described as ‘calm, professional, and trusting.’ But he stunned some in the online betting community when he fired head coach Brian Billick and hired John Harbaugh, a special teams wizard with no previous head coaching experience. Bisciotti and Harbaugh are now called one of the best combinations in the NFL. Sunday night, however, they were on their own for some time, apparently, and one of them took his eyes off the prize.

It’s kind of hard to miss, once you see it, says YouWager’s expert. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is 22 inches tall, and weighs 7 pounds. He says it’s made out of sterling silver, and the words, “Vince Lombardi Trophy,” and roman numerals are on the front.

YouWager’s head fact-checker reminds us that trophies have been lost before. Things happen. Immediately after the Heat beat the Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 NBA finals, LeBron James thought someone had taken his Most Valuable Player trophy. As his teammates poured champagne on him, he was yelling, “Where’s my trophy?” James became frantic, and was later seen running through the American Airlines Arena where fans heard him yell,“Who took my trophy?” Finally, he learned that an NBA executive had carried the award to the spot where James would give his post-game press conference.

All Coach Harbaugh would tell YouWager’s source is that someone returned the Lombardi trophy. Perhaps what happened in New Orleans on Sunday night will have to stay in New Orleans. The trophy will now be sent back to Tiffany’s to be engraved. This commemoration will include the names of the teams, the date, the location, and the game’s final score. Then it will be returned to the Baltimore Ravens.