Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII: NFL News at YouWager

The Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco were working hard last night to take the Super Bowl title home when all of the sudden the power went off. When electricity resumed, the the San Francisco 49ers were were the ones playing lights out according to YouWager experts.

Baltimore survived the frenzied comeback by San Francisco for an exciting 34-31 victory at the Superdome and their second NFL championship in 11 years.

The Ravens were leading by 22 points when most of the Superdome lights and the scoreboards went dark early in the third quarter and the team used a last-gasp defensive stand to hold on after the momentum strangely swung to the San Francisco NFL team.

The Niners’ receiver Michael Crabtree was bumped in the end zone on the team’s final offensive play — the contact appeared incidental — however coach Jim Harbaugh insisted a penalty should have been called.

As for the foul-up at the NFL most important game of the year, officials revealed that an “abnormality” in the power system triggered an automatic shutdown, forcing backup systems to kick in. However, no one really knows what caused the problem.

For an event with so many subplots, it almost had to end with a flourish.

With Flacco making it as a championship quarterback an Lewis’ retiring from the sport — with a second Super Bowl ring no less, this what what online sport betting fans considered an important event. The victory ended an amazing month since the star linebacker announced he was leaving the game after 17 Hall of Fame-caliber years.

The game took 4 hours, 14 minutes, making it the longest Super Bowl in history.

The loss of power left players from both Baltimore’s as well as the 49ers stretching and chatting with each other. It also slowed the Ravens’ surge, and that was pretty evident after Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kickoff return and Flacco’s three touchdown passes made it 28-6.

The 28 year-old Flacco’s big start boosted him to the MVP award.