Power Outage During Super Bowl was Expected: NFL News at YouWager

YouWager experts are yet to find out what the real cause was of the 34-minute blackout at the Super Bowl, however public records released Monday have shown that Superdome officials were worried about a power outage several months before the big game.

According to an attorney for the state board that oversees the Superdome, the blackout did not appear to be related to the replacement in December of electrical equipment connecting the stadium to Entergy.

In addition, officials with the utility and the Superdome have stated that an NFL game, the Sugar Bowl and another bowl game were played there in recent weeks and had no such issues.

As of now there exact cause of Sunday night’s blackout is not clear even though a couple of potential culprits had been ruled out.

Beyonce’s halftime performance is not to be blamed, according to Doug Thornton, manager of the state-owned Superdome, since the singer had her own generator. Furthermore, her show wasn’t much demand for power either. Meters showed the 76,000-seat stadium was drawing no more electricity than it does during a typical New Orleans Saints game, according to the manager.

The city of New Orleans was certainly embarrassing for New Orleans just when they were hoping to show the rest of the world how far they have come since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. However, many fans and residents didn’t really care, and officials expressed confidence that the episode wouldn’t hurt the Bg Easy’s hopes of hosting the championship again.

According to New Orleans’ great relief, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell the city did a “terrific” job hosting its first pro football championship in the post-Hurricane Katrina era, and added: “I fully expect that we will be back here for Super Bowls.”