The National Football League has been saying it wants to make the sport safer. This comes after thousands of head-injury lawsuits have hit the organization. It’s quite a dilemma: how do you protect the players and still pack a punch? The league also needs to make sure the game continues to be exciting for the sports betting public. Now, according to a YouWager news source, the game may soon see a major physical change. Bigger helmets? Neck braces? Nope.

Wider fields.

That’s right. The latest idea to be promoted by professional football’s ultimate authority, is to make the field wider, by 35 feet. Presently, according to a senior NFL analyst at YouWager, a standard NFL field is 160 feet wide. For comparison, a CFL field is 195. Some officials believe that with more field to cover, there might be less “congestion,” and the that the distance could possibly cut down on the number of big hits that happen in a game, especially, during passing plays.

The other side of this concept, YouWager’s NFL expert says, is that while proponents feel this might reduce some of the impact, the hardest hits, in each game, it might not work that way. If defensive players have more ground to cover, when they get to where they are going, they may be going even faster, and it’s still a contact sport. There are no guarantees, detractors say.

Many serious sportsbook bettors think the wilder field could mean higher scores. Defenses would be required to cover a much broader area. The extra room on the field might work best for teams with the newer run and pass quarterbacks.

Would the change would mean the end of football as we know it? Some YouWager bettors seem to think the idea itself has a desperate quality to it. Considering the many other options that the league could entertain, this one seems drastic to many NFL football betting fans.

YouWager’s NFL specialist thinks they league should speak with Jarrett Payton. Payton, the son of the great Walter Payton, is also a running back, and one of the few players with experience in both the NFL and the CFL. Payton was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Tennessee Titans, but he also played for the Montreal Alouettes, and the Toronto Argonauts, and he would actually know about the difference that 35 feet can make on a game. Payton told a YouWager source that in the CFL, running backs get fewer rushing touches so they are expected to be more versatile.