…Who could be worth a lot more.

There’s something of a dilemma facing Jadeveon Clowney, the South Carolina defensive end that made The Big Hit that became a big hit on YouTube. The question is, should Clowney sit out next season, get a $5 million insurance policy, or oppose the rules of the NFL draft.

Some of YouWager’s dedicated college football betting fans feel the NCAA doesn’t show proper concern, or even a realistic attitude, about the earning abilities of its star athletes. Chris Radford, an official with the NCAA, explained the $5 million insurance deal to a YouWager news source, “This insurance program is in place to protect against a career-ending injury, but should not be confused with a ‘loss of value’ policy, which the NCAA does not offer.”

The maximum amount of insurance that a player can get under the NCAA is $5 million. According to YouWager’s source, Clowney is presently pursuing this type of coverage. The NCAA has this program so players can get low-coast loans for the premiums on these policies and pay them off in the future. A $5 million policy may cost as much as $45,000 to $65,000.

Rich Salgado, an insurance broker with Coastal Advisors LLC, told YouWager’s source that the NCAA insurance policies depend on the player’s position. Salgado said, “The NCAA grades the athletes at anywhere from $1 million, $2 million, $3 million, $4 million, all the way up to $5 million and then lets the player go to a lender for the loan. The player never actually gets the money, it’s paid straight from the lender to the insurance company, so it’s a very simple, tight system and it’s a very, very good rate for the player. We would all be fortunate to borrow money at those rates.”

While this may sound like a pretty lucrative option for a college football star to YouWager’s football bettors, there’s one little problem. As many sportsbook bettors have predicted, Clowney could potentially be the Number One pick in the NFL Draft. And that would make him worth a lot more. Like $20 million.

Stay in school. That’s the standard mantra for high school kids. But as YouWager bettors have seen, it doesn’t necessarily apply to star athletes that can jump into competition in the NBA or the NFL and make millions. Clowney saw his teammate, Marcus Lattimore put his entire football future in jeopardy with a torn knee. Supposedly, a famous college athlete once asked comedian and social commentator Will Rogers if he thought he should turn pro. Roger advised the young man to make all he could in college first.

Clowney’s coach at Carolina, Steve Spurrier, wasn’t taken seriously when he suggested publicly that college football players should be paid. That idea may begin to make a lot more sense, if more college athletes drop out to play with the big boys in the NFL and make the big bucks.

Many in the online betting community feel that the NCAA insurance program is a step in the right direction, but if the amount was higher, say $10 million, stars like Clowney would not be as tempted to leave. These insurance policies are structured so they pay off only if the player never plays again.

Some agents recklessly advise players to forget about the insurance. Salgado, the insurance broker, told YouWager’s source he feels this could be a huge mistake. He said, “I hear that and I get into arguments with agents all the time. I tell them, ‘Don’t guess on someone’s life. Let them plan it out and see what they want to do.’”

Will YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans soon see Clowney making monster hits in pro games? In the end, money could be the deciding factor. Some sportsbook bettors feel the NCAA could be more help in these situations, with a higher maximum figure on the insurance policies.