NCAA News at YouWager: Miami Hurricanes Accused of Lack of Control

The NCAA has accused the school of Miami of having a “lack of institutional control” for not monitoring the conduct of a booster who provided thousands of dollars in cash, gifts and other items to football and men’s basketball players.

YouWager experts learned that these allegations arrived earlier this week. Usually, the institutional-control charge is one of the most severe the NCAA can bring after an investigation of rules violations.

The NCAA did not offer any comment last night, a day after revealing that it was erasing some elements of its case against the Miami Hurricanes because the information was obtained in impermissible ways.

According to a reliable source familiar with the situation the lack of institutional control charge and that several former members of Miami coaching staffs are named in the notice of allegations, including Missouri Tigers basketball coach Frank Haith, who was with Miami from 2004-11.

Athletic director Mike Alden has said recently that he supported Haith, and he reiterated that to local reporters after Tuesday’s game. In addition, he also talked with reporters after the game: “Let’s go ahead and deal with it and move forward. I’m looking forward to working with Frank for a long time.”

These events began to unfold in September 2010, when the university told the NCAA that convicted Ponzi scheme architect and former Miami booster Nevin Shapiro made allegations to the school against former players.

According to Shapiro he interacted mostly with football players and recruits, as well as a significantly smaller number of men’s basketball players.

Currently, Shapiro is serving a 20-year prison term for masterminding a $930 million fraud scheme.