As the NFL Draft season cranks up, YouWager’s top football analysts shared their thoughts on some of the most interesting players to be paraded before the sports betting public. Here are a few players that might really impress the coaches at the combine.

Tyrann Mathieu

The LSU defensive back and cornerback, known as the “Honey Badger” nearly won the Heisman in 2011, but problems off the field caused him to miss the 2012 college football wagering season. Many serious YouWager bettors were originally concerned about Mathieu’s smaller stature. Compared to other heavy- duty players, Mathieu is only 5’ 8” and 180 lbs. But he is Fast and Furious, most will now agree. In 26 games, Mathieu forced 14 turnovers. Some sportsbook bettors say Mathieu plays at a level few others can touch.

Geno Smith

This West Virginia quarterback had YouWager bettors talking about the Mountaineers early in the season. Smith’s 24-0 Touchdown to Interception ratio was most impressive. But in October, WVU lost 5 games in a row, and Smith dropped from the Heisman lists. At 6’ 3” and 225 lbs., Smith could turn heads in the NFL, many football bettors feel. Jake Spavital, Smith’s quarterback coach, told a YouWager news source, “He’s got big hands, is really smooth and can sell the play-action a lot longer. He can play in any system, and he’d flourish. I know he’s going to run well, probably a lot faster than most people think, and coaches will see how football-smart he is.”

Manti Te’o

Yes, this Notre Dame, linebacker would surely like to remembered for something other than that silly hoax about a fictitious girlfriend. His team got creamed by Alabama. This could do that for him. He’s flawed, but powerful, YouWager’s analysts say. One says Te’o takes unnecessary chances on the field. Another thinks Te’o needs to be on a 4-3 defense.

Alec Ogletree

The Georgia linebacker left school early after a strong 2012 season. His problems off the field may scare some suitors- a drug test, and DUI, etc. If Ogletree wants to prove something, it could be a good show.

Justin Hunter

Many of YouWager’s college football betting fans were impressed by this Tennessee wide receiver. The 6’ 4” former track star was on the bench with an ACL injury in the 2011 college football wagering season. An incredible runner. Hunter is amazing. And he can jump, too. High jump at 7’ 3” and long jump at 26-plus feet? Watch out.

David Amerson

The NC State cornerback was an All American in 2011 with 13 interceptions. He had a bad season in 2012. But his speed could generate some serious excitement in Indianapolis.

Jesse Williams

This defensive tackle from Alabama may prove to be strongest man in college football on the bench press, pushing 600 lbs. He weighs more than half that himself, at 325 lbs. And some people claim this Australian moves well, too, YouWager’s experts say.

Tavon Austin

Austin can’t lift weights like Williams, but few can catch him when he runs. The West Virginia University receiver is expected to be one of the fastest players at the combine. In the 2011 college football betting season, Austin turned 11 receptions into nearly 200 yards.

Denard Robinson

One of the best receivers to ever play for Michigan, no one questions Robinson’s speed. But a few of YouWager’s analysts are wondering about his hands. Lots of eyeballs will be watching his drills.

John Simon

The Ohio State lineman has already impressed some of college football’s top coaches. Simon was named the Big 10’s Defensive Player of the Year. Despite his 270 pounds, he is said to have explosive speed. Drills may not always reveal this, though, and he did have a serious shoulder injury. Still, Big and Fast is always a good combination YouWager’s analysts say.