What will happen if the NFL changes when the combine, free agency, and the draft happen?

Is the competition beginning to far ahead, before the time that the teams even get on the field? A more intense schedule will be rough on some teams. Those that cannot quickly adapt will surely suffer, an NFL analyst at YouWager admits.

Last week, the league presented some new ideas for the game. Most were focused on the events, such as the scouting combine, the draft and the beginning of free agency. And the creation of events. The NFL suggested that all 32 teams start training camp on the same day.

The new way.

The combine moves to March, the start of free agency happens in April, and the NF draft is in May.

At present, YouWager’s NFL betting expert reminds us, the combine has traditionally been at the end of February, free agency has started on the 12thof March, and the draft has happened near the end of April. NFL training camps are not that tight, he says. Some begin as early July 20th. Teams usually make delays that depend on the date of their first preseason game, or the length of time they spent in the playoffs, YouWager’s NFL pro says.

There has been some grumbling around the league, but no one is expected to actually oppose the plan. Scott Pioli, a former executive for teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, and the New England Patriots, told a YouWager news source, “Bottom line, among football people like myself, no one is going to like it because we’re creatures of routine. If it changes, we’ll adjust. That’s probably never going to be a decision that’s made by football people.”

YouWager’s NFL wagering authority says there’s money to be made, and the changes may seem unavoidable, in the end. With the effort to create an 18 game season, the schedule would have to change anyway. YouWager’s NFL football betting fans can probably expect to see more depth –and hype- in the coverage of the combine, the draft, and free agency on the league’s television network.

But moving free agency and the draft closer will make it more difficult for teams to navigate the maze. Pat Kirwan, another former team executive, told YouWager’s source, “What people don’t understand is that there are 450 or so players available at the beginning of free agency, but after two weeks there might be 500 as teams sign players and then cut others to make room. That’s where your bargain players come up, guys who might be able to really help you in specific roles.”

The bottom line, for the online betting community, is that on NFL teams, in the future, the people behind the scenes will be scrambling, constantly, these NFL team executives are saying. “Remember that, if at some point in the near future, you find yourself scratching your head, and wondering just what a team was thinking, when a strange new player acquisition is announced,” YouWager’s NFL analyst said.