LeBron James to Consider Ending Warm-up Routine: NBA News at YouWager

LeBron James has received a lot of criticism for his popular dunking warm-up routine and YouWager experts have learned that he may consider ending it before Miami Heat games.

Just yesterday, the 28 year-old stated that he never intended for his acrobatic dunking display in the Heat’s layup line to become somewhat of a distraction that clearly has given some critics an opportunity to go after him.

Even when James has been performing contest-worthy dunks during warm-ups, he has never been willing throughout his career to participate in the NBA’s dunk contest during All-Star Weekend despite fans and former players’ requests.

In recent days, videos that fans have taken of the NBA champion in the layup line have gone viral on the Internet. One clip taken before Sunday’s home game versus the Cleveland Cavaliers fans could see James whipping the ball behind his back, then between his legs before he tossed it off the backboard for a dunk over 6-foot-10 teammate Rashard Lewis.

The 3x MVP showed off again before yesterday’s game. Miami has a reputation for late-arriving crowds, however lately more fans have made it to the arena before games with cell phones or video recorders in hand waiting for James to impress them.

The team has also started to stream video of James’ pregame dunks on the Heat’s official website, and owner Micky Arison has used his Twitter account to encourage fans to arrive to games early if they want to see the show James puts on.

According to James, he wasn’t aware of how popular the routine has grown, because it’s something he’s always done. More Miami basketball players have gotten involved in addition to James like Chris Andersen, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Norris Cole and Mario Chalmers, who has been Lebron’s most difficult competition lately.