In the off-season, one NFL player works at a fast-food place

Noted Southern author William Price Fox once speculated that a person can be an artist, in almost in any profession. A sandwich maker could be an artist, he said. It’s all about making the ordinary things in life into something special.  Perhaps that is the case with Terrance Ganaway. He’s gone from professional football to fast food, from running back to roast beef, after one NFL football betting season. Is the man broke? Down and out? In recovery? Nope. According to a top NFL wagering expert at YouWager, Terrance Ganaway, as a rookie in the NFL, should be making $390,000 a year. So why is he working in a minimum wage job? It might not make much sense to many of YouWager’s NFL football betting fans, but apparently, it makes perfect sense to Terrance Ganaway. The St. Louis Rams running back has even posted the reasons for his day job on the Internet so his fans might understand.

According to a YouWager news source, Ganaway tweeted. “1. I have too much free time. 2. Tell my kids [someday] I worked two jobs to put them through school. 3. Cause the pay is really good.”

While it might sound like a joke to many sportsbook bettors, Ganaway may be completely serious about the pay. Unlike many of his teammates, Ganaway is experiencing a positive cash flow, no matter how small, right now. At a time when other rookies may be tempted to spend money and live large, for the first time ever, Ganaway’s gig is keeping him off the streets, and he admits it.  Ganaway told YouWager’s source, “I just wanted to stay fit, stay out of trouble … try to save … and not spend a lot of money.”

Before he started wearing a hairnet down in Waco, Texas this year, Terrance Omar Ganaway was wearing a helmet for the St. Louis Rams. In the 2012 NFL Draft, Ganaway was originally drafted by the New York Jets. Before that, he played for Baylor University and the University of Houston.YouWager’s serious college football bettor will remember Ganaway. As a senior at Baylor, he rushed for 1,547 yards with 21 touchdowns. Former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter is Ganaway’s uncle. Ganaway’s biography on Wikipedia mentions his job at Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John must be proud.

Jimmy John’s is a sandwich restaurant franchise, started by Jimmy John Liautaud. After graduating at the bottom of the class at an expensive college prep school, Liautaud’s father offered his son a choice: Either go into the military or start a business. While still a teenager, Liautaud borrowed $25,000 from his father and opened his first Jimmy John’s, in a garage in Champaign, Illinois, selling only 4 kinds of sandwiches and 25-cent Coca-Colas. This was 1983. After Liautaud offered free sandwiches all over town, the business eventually grew, and Liautaud bought out his father’s share of the business. Today, there are more than 1200 franchises, in 40 states. For the last 3 years, 200 restaurants have opened every year. Perhaps someday, Mr. Ganaway may own some of those franchises. Successful NFL players are known to invest in such things.

Ganaway’s indirect publicity for the company may be entirely accidental. But the Jimmy John’s corporation is no stranger to sports marketing. YouWager’s expert tells us the company sponsors Kevin Harvick in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. It also sponsors Brock Lesnar in the UFC.