After some NFL coaches were fired at major teams this year, following the 2012 NFL football wagering season, a few with lousy performance records are still in place, much to the consternation of YouWager’s hardcore NFL football betting fans. An NFL analyst at YouWager lists the coaches many sportsbook bettors feel should have been discarded at the end of the season.

Ron Rivera, Carolina Panthers

Many YouWager bettors wonder why this guy still has a coaching job. From the outside, it appeared that he gained one of the most talented players to come along in years, Cam Newton. But after 2 years, Rivera hasn’t managed to turn his crew around and produce a winning season or make to the playoffs. The Carolina Panthers that Reid inherited from head coach John Fox was known in the online betting community as a formidable defense in the NFL. They are now only ranked 20th in the league, in total yards per game. Offense, however is the worst part of Rivera’s failure. In spite of the celebrated QB who is 6′ 5” and 260 pounds, Reid’s team only produced a chain of sad losses that they could never seem to rise above.

Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

In 3 years, Garrett has not been able to lead his team to the playoffs. In spite of a 21-19 record in those 3 years, Garret has not convinced YouWager’s NFL dedicated football bettors that he understands effective offensive strategy. Garrett seems to revert to the running game all too often. RB Demarco Murray was somewhat useful, while he was not injured. Against the Washington Redskins, Garrett had Murray run the ball 22 times in a closely matched contest. Garret attempted to turn Tony Romo into a star QB, and it never seemed to work. Garret was once hailed as an offensive mastermind, but now, few experienced football bettors have much confidence with Garret in charge.

Rex Ryan, New York Jets

Many of YouWager’s football bettors simply don’t understand why Ryan is still the head coach of the Jets. While his enormous ego hasn’t been affected by the strange deals the team has made, Ryan’s team has certainly suffered. The odd Tim Tebow deal, with the most famous backup quarterback in the NFL, didn’t win games or even sell tickets. Head coaches with better records didn’t jeep their jobs. Ryan may be effective with his defenses, but his ability to manage the entire team is a big question for many serious sportsbook bettors. Ryan’s support for quarterback Mark Sanchez remains one of the biggest mysteries of the 2012 NFL football wagering season. Ryan’s lack of success with the Tim Tebow experiment, relying instead on Sanchez, turned Tebow, one of the most popular figures in the league, into something of a joke, many YouWager bettors feel.

Mike Munchak, Tennessee Titans

Munchak has pushed his young quarterback, Jake Locker, but it will take more than encouragement to turn a rookie into an elite QB. Many bettors question  Munchak’s judgment at this point. Most of the team seems to want Matt Hasselbeck to be the starting QB, but he has failed to dazzle YouWager’s football bettors, too. The Tennessee Titans began 2012 with a terrible matchup, the New England Patriots. And it was almost like they never fully recovered from that game. They did beat Rex Ryan’s Jets, though.

Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions

Some YouWager bettors are blunt when they talk about Schwartz. They just say he sucks. The Detroit Lions began the 2012 NFL football betting season with a 4–4 record, then they dropped their last 8 games to end the year at 4–12. They finished in last place in the NFC North. Every other team in the division won at least 10 games. Schwartz is 22-42 in 4 seasons with Detroit. But he has not been able to improve upon the previous season, which finally got the Lions to the playoffs. Known as a defensive coach, Schwartz has struggled to maintain his reputation. Detroit’s defense allowed the 6th highest points in the NFL even though Schwartz had some impressive talent to work with. This includes the beast that is Ndamakong Suh. Some YouWager bettors say if Suh is suspended for a while, perhaps he will finally learn how to play football, without acting like a monster. The offense has been a mess. QB Matt Stafford often just looked lost out there. Schwartz doesn’t seem to be driving the bus, some YouWager bettors say.