“I’m hoping maybe it will set a trend. I like the special paint jobs. But they work best when you use them only every now and then. Maybe this deal might be the start of a new trend that’s really just an old trend.”

-Richard Petty

YouWager’s older NASCAR betting fans will remember the color. The “King” of stack car racing’s number 43 was often in the winner’s circle. Richard Petty’s famous shade of blue is coming back to NASCAR. The NASCAR hall of famer says sponsors are in agreement. The main sponsor for number 43 is Smithfield Foods. Choosing to ignore the common practice of changing colors during the 25 races in the season, the sponsor has agreed to go with the simpler color scheme.

The new blue debut began at the Phoenix International Raceway, with the sponsor’s logos on the hood of the Petty-prepared Ford. Richard Petty hopes it becomes a trend. The 75 year-old racing champion told a YouWager news source, “I think bringing back Petty Blue makes everything easier for everyone, It’s easier for the fans to find the car on the racetrack. It’s easier on Smithfield and all our sponsors to stand out. It’s easier on the guys who paint up the cars. And it’s easier for me because now I can wear all my Petty Blue stuff again. I got a house full of it.”

The iconic Petty Blue was the main color for the race cars built at the Petty family headquarters through the 1960’s to 2000. The color scheme was a part of Richard Petty’s record-breaking 200 victories, 7 cup titles, and 7 Daytona 500 wins. For many years, the Blue was married to a flamboyant red accent for major sponsor STP. Petty admits that he invented the recognizable color entirely by chance. Petty’s father, legendary NASCAR Hall of Famer Lee Petty ran a variety of colors until Richard, then only 22 years old, helped the crew paint his father’s car

Petty told YouWager’s source, “I had some dark blue and some white, but not enough of either one to paint a whole car, So I looked at Maurice and he looked at me and we just mixed those two half-buckets together. Petty Blue is what came out. When Daddy got home it just blew him away, so the following year we started running it on all our cars. It became our trademark.”

Special colors are nothing new to motorsports, YouWager’s research department reminds us. Before the commercialization of sponsorships took over the entire bodies of the vehicles, in international racing, the cars manufacturers hardly had a choice. Italy was red. Germany was silver. Cars were like flags.

Petty told YouWager’s source, “I like the special paint jobs. We kind of invented that whole deal with my fan appreciation tour in 1992 when I retired as a driver. But they work best when you use them only every now and then. Maybe this deal might be the start of a new trend that’s really just an old trend.”

Petty’s team, now called Richard Petty Motorsports, hopes historical pride will carry the family business forward for future generations of Pettys.Petty’s father, Lee Petty, won the very first Dayton 500 and was a 3-time NASCAR champion. Richard’s son, Kyle Petty is also well-known to YouWager’s NASCAR betting fans. His grandson, Adam Petty, died in an accident at New Hampshire International Speedway in 2000.