“It was never about earning the money and all that. It was about earning the respect. Definitely about earning that respect and feeling that respect around here. The fact that we got it done and that they made me [the highest-paid player in the NFL] definitely makes me feel good about how we played and how they feel about me.”

-Joe Flacco, quarterback, Baltimore Ravens

When news media outlets announced the terms of Joe Flacco’s record-breaking deal, to continue playing for the Baltimore Ravens, he was home eating pizza with his family. The Super Bowl-winning quarterback says it was never really about the money.

Of course, as many of YouWager’s NFL football betting fans might tell you, it’s easy to say money’s not important when you have just signed a 6-year, $120.6 million deal that makes you the highest-paid quarterback, with the most lucrative contract in the history of the National Football League.

While they chewed on pizza, Flacco’s family watched television and saw features about Flacco that explained how their boy would get $29 million guaranteed along with a record $62 million spread over the first three years of the deal. Flacco did not seem to be all that concerned about his sudden wealth.

When a YouWager news source asked the NFL champion what he would do with all that money, Flacco replied, “Just gonna look at it, I guess.”

Flacco’s teammate, Ray Rice, says that’s the way Flacco really is. YouWager’s serious NFL football bettors have pointed out that Flacco could have hit the franchise for more money before the 2012 football wagering season. Many sportsbook bettors wondered why he waited to seek serious compensation.

Flacco admitted to YouWager’s source, “I thought I was worth more. It’s not really about the money, it’s about the respect. When you get to a point you’re happy with, you say I’m good and let’s go take care of the rest of the guys.”

These days, as many in the online betting community are discovering, the competition among the elite QBs no longer ends on the field. Passing, running, and leading the team are not enough any more. There seems to be an open contest to see who can make the most money, a lot of YouWager’s NFL football betting fans say.

Known for his low-key attitude cool demeanor during games, teammates call the man “Joe Cool.” Along with one of the strongest arms in the NFL, that he deploys in a very aggressive, deep downfield passing game, Flacco now has one of the mightiest wallets, too. He should be happy to have all the titles. Along with his Super Bowl victory, Flacco is officially the one of the richest players in the sport of professional football. Flacco’s new deal even goes beyond the $20 million package that Drew Brees ultimately got with the New Orleans Saints. And that, some YouWager bettors say, seems to be what Flacco really wanted.