After beating a season-long penalty, for what was supposedly, a central role, in the New Orleans Saints Bounty Gate scandal, and taking on the commissioner of the NFL, with a defamation lawsuit, free agent Jonathan Vilma, is signing with the Saints. The very first day the 2013 Free Agency Period began, both Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma agreed to restructured deals that will help their team. Smith was expected to earn more than $14 million, and Vilma was originally
set for $8.6 million.

Some of YouWager’s sportsbook bettors were a little surprised by the announcements from the Saints camp. Smith has not shown the kind of hustle at defensive lineman to inspire loyalty among football bettors. Vilma, however, has played a major role in the New Orleans defense. Vilma was the team’s defensive captain. Vilma had more luck, YouWager’s serious football bettors say, when he played in a 4-3 scheme. But in the 2013 NFL football wagering season, they will be running
a 3-4.

New Orleans radio personality, Bobby Hebert, a former Saints quarterback himself, told a YouWager source that he considered Vilma to be the “quarterback of our defense.” Hebert said, “He has the trust of the coaches and the players and he is like a player/coach on and off the field.”

The Saints are said to be looking for a new back-up quarterback. Chase Daniel has gone to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Saints released linebacker Will Herring, after two NFL seasons.