For once, the National Football League is not going to be able to accommodate a tradition. Typically, the team that won the Super Bowl gets to have their first game at home. The 2013 NFL football wagering season will begin in a different way.


The Baltimore Ravens and the Baltimore Orioles play at stadiums that are next to each other, and use the same parking lot. Because of traffic concerns, the two teams can never play at the same time. The league, of course, would prefer the current NFL championship team, the Ravens play at home in Baltimore on Thursday, September 5th. So would YouWager’s serious NFL football betting fans. However the Orioles were booked to play a home game against the Chicago White Sox at 7:05PM on that night. Major League Baseball would not play ball. The NFL determined that a Wednesday game would not be proper as this is the date for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish holiday. So the league announced recently the Ravens will have to play their first game away from home.

Greg Aiello, a spokesman for the NFL, told YouWager’s source, “While we are disappointed for the fans in Baltimore, we appreciate the efforts of the Ravens, Orioles, and Major League Baseball and fully understand the logistical problems in trying to schedule the teams on the same day. The Ravens will open the season on the road.”

Aiello also told YouWager’s source that the NFL intends to stage a Super Bowl celebration event in Baltimore anyway.

The Ravens do not know which team will be their opponent in the first game of Week 1 yet. The word in the online betting community is that MLB would not budge for the NFL. There were no formal remarks from Major League Baseball. The Orioles did release a statement that said the club had worked to try and accommodate the Ravens. But the main part of the statement, according to YouWager’s source, said, “Given the limited options available to reschedule the game at that late date in the season, the parties jointly determined that even an earlier start time would still create such enormous logistical difficulties that it would greatly diminish the fan experience for both events, which all parties realized would not be in the interest of their fans or the city.”

There were additional issues, due to MLB’s collective bargaining agreement and the rules that affect the scheduling of games. Since 2002, the NFL has been opening the regular NFL football betting season with a Thursday night game. Last season, as YouWager’s die hard football bettors will remember, the NFL moved that game to Wednesday to avoid a conflict with President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.