LeBron James Frustrated Over Hard Fouls: NBA New at YouWager

The Chicago Bulls were able to end the Miami Heat’s 27-game winning streak last night and impressed many of their YouWager fans. In addition, LeBron James is also feeling very frustrated as a result of some hard fouls.

The 28 year-old took exception to two fouls during Miami’s 101-97 defeat.

The first came four minutes into the game when Chicago’s guard Kirk Hinrich broke up a fast break by grabbing James with both arms and holding on as the players fell to the court. The Ohio native also was upset with a hard foul in the fourth quarter by Bulls forward Taj Gibson, who swiped across James’ neck and shoulder to defend a layup.

James’ frustration got even higher with 3:52 left in this NBA game, when he was called for his first flagrant foul of the season after driving his shoulder and arm into the chest of Chicago forward Carlos Boozer, who was attempting to set a screen.

Hinrich tried to take a charge on James in the first quarter and later stated he was just trying to hold on to the 6-foot-8, 265-pound Heat star to brace himself for impact on the floor.

The Heat can now focus on shoring up some shortcomings, granting its stars some much-needed time off and preparing to defend its championship.

According to James he’s been on the receiving end of hard fouls throughout the basketball season and has mostly managed to keep his cool.

Earlier in the season, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra sent tapes to the NBA office that showed a series of hard fouls on both James and Dwyane Wade, including several instances when his players were repeatedly hit in the face.

James attempted 11 free throws and finished with 32 points, seven rebounds, four blocks and three assists in the Miami’s first defeat since a Feb. 1 setback to the Indiana Pacers.