“Once I get on a team, I’ll prove myself and prove that I’m a complete back, I’ll be in full health so I’ll be good to go.”

-Marcus Lattimore, former University of South Carolina running back

Marcus Lattimore gets an enthusiastic response from league evaluators

In the University of South Carolina’s weight room, the school’s popular running back put on a show of strength to confirm his progress after surgery by the most famous doctor in sports betting world, Dr. James Andrews, the man that did RG3’s knee.

The former Gamecock admitted to a YouWager news source, “I was a little nervous. But excited, too, that I could do this.”

Lattimore performed a series of exercises to show off the ability he has already developed since his surgery. YouWager’s die hard college football betting fans saw Lattimore dislocate his knee and tear quite a few ligaments in a matchup against Tennessee back in October of 2012.

Lattimore hustled through a routine that included stepping up, jumping, bending. He also did lunges and at one point, he stood, balancing on one foot while holding weights. Marvin Lewis, head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, was one of the onlookers among the scouts and coaches watching the show. Lewis was the only head coach to make the trip down South.

Former teammates and coaches cheered Lattimore on as he demonstrated his strength for all of the evaluators from the 31 NFL teams that came to see the South Carolina workouts.

Later, Lattimore and other players, running backs and receivers, caught a few passes. Lattimore only took a few throws, but he told YouWager’s source that he hoped what the scouts had seen would be enough to get him a place in the NFL Draft next month. Lattimore told YouWager’s source,“They’ve seen me move a little bit. They’ve seen me use my feet, use my knee. My knee’s fine. I think everything’s going to be all right.”

Just a few months back, before Lattimore’s knee injury, he was considered by many online sportsbook bettors to be one the strongest rushers in the SEC. But Lattimore’s time in the 2012 college football season came to an ugly end in the second quarter of that game with Tennessee. After Lattimore was tackled, his right leg hung loose, limp, like it was barely connected to his body. On the stretcher, trainers tried to prevent Lattimore from seeing it. Prior to his injury, Lattimore was considered to be a first round NFL Draft pick.

Now, Lattimore says he doesn’t even worry about how the draft will go. He told YouWager’s source, “I’m not even going to watch. I’m just going to wait for my phone call.”

Steve Spurrier, head coach at the University of South Carolina, said he thought Lattimore’s progress was incredible. He told YouWager’s source,“You’d think he’s 100 percent. He was very impressive.”

Along with Lattimore, there were 17 other former Gamecocks were working out for the NFL scouts. Lattimore believes he is confident he can play in the 2013 NFL football wagering season.