Nick Foles, Michael Vick’s understudy, wants new head coach Chip Kelly to know that he can run if he needs to

Bob Leonard, Chip Kelly’s coach in football and track at Manchester, New Hampshire’s Central High School, once described Kelly as a “thinking quarterback.” Leonard told a YouWager news source that Kelly knew he wanted to coach as soon as he stepped on the field. As head coach of the very successful Oregon Ducks, YouWager’s college football wagering fans noticed that Kelly liked to get his quarterbacks outside of the pocket so they can see the entire field and throw on the run.

As soon as Kelly took over as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, YouWager’s football bettors began to wonder what would happen with quarterback Nick Foles. In the 2012 NFL football betting season then coach Andy Reid replaced Michael Vick with Coles as starting QB when Vick was injured.

Unfortunately, Foles has been hearing speculation from some NFL analysts that he might not be ideal for a Chip Kelly style offense. Some say the young QB is getting tired of the negative remarks, and that he has developed an attitude when dealing with members of the press.

Defiantly, Foles told a YouWager source, “I wouldn’t be right here, right now, if I didn’t fit. I’d be somewhere else. I want to be here. I love this team. I love this city.”

Rumors were circulating in the online wagering community that Philadelphia might trade Foles to Kansas City. Foles played his first game with the Eagles in Week 10 of the 2012 NFL football betting season when regular starter Michael Vick was injured. While Foles isn’t known for having the same kind of mobility Michael Vick once used to dazzle the sports betting public, some bettors say that Kelly’s offense will be flexible, and that Kelly can adapt it to work to any quarterback’s strength. Before distinguishing himself in college football at Arizona, Foles first won fame at Westlake High School in Austin Texas, the alma mater of Drew Brees. In two years, Foles passed 5,658 yards and 56 touchdowns, to break school records previously held by Brees.

Foles wants everyone to know that he’s flexible, too. He told YouWager’s source, “I feel like I can go in and run anything. … I have no concerns.”

So what does the new coach, a former “thinking quarterback,” think about Foles?

Maybe Kelly is encouraging a little competition. Foles may not really be in line for Michael Vick’s job just yet. Vick’s lucrative contract indicates the team may still be invested in him. Foles will likely be Vick’s backup quarterback. But, as YouWager‘s NFL football betting fans saw in the 2012 season, things happen. Perhaps Foles should be more concerned about the signing of Dennis Dixon. Kelly and Dixon have a history that includes their time at Oregon.