Joe Flacco is already considered to be one of best quarterbacks in the league. This is easily confirmed by his Most Valuable Player Award in this year’s Super Bowl, and his record-breaking $120 million contract with the Baltimore Ravens, the reigning NFL champs, but there are other challenges in store for the successful football star. According to a YouWager news source, the quarterback will soon portray one of Baltimore’s other favorite sons, the first NFL quarterback to become a household name, Johnny Unitas.

Flacco has already agreed to play Unitas in a movie about Baltimore’s first star quarterback. According to YouWager’s source, Flacco is set to be in“Unitas We Stand,” a film to be based on the book, “Johnny U: The Life and Times of Johnny Unitas,” by Tom Callahan.

On the website for the new film, Flacco, in a typical low-key quote, said, “I’m excited and honored by the opportunity to play Johnny Unitas.”

YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans should be warned in advance- Flacco won’t be actually be reciting lines as Unitas on screen. Given Flacco flaccid public statements, that may be for the best. Flacco will be doubling for Unitas on the football field in a recreation of Baltimore’s 1958 Championship Game. Mr. Unitas would probably appreciate the irony. In his later years, Unitas had cameo roles in a wide variety of movies and TV shows that ranged from the Runaway Bride to episodes of the Simpsons.

The NFL Films organization will release the film, YouWager’s source says. Johnny’s son, Joe Unitas, is a co-writer and a producer of the movie. The release date for the movie has not been announced.

As YouWager’s more dedicated football bettors know, Johnny Unitas, called “The Golden Arm,” spent much of his unlikely career playing for the Baltimore Colts. In his earliest days, Unitas had to work construction jobs to support his family as he struggled to make his way in football. Later on, as he set and broke league records, Unitas was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 1959, 1964, and 1967. His record for winning the most games with a touchdown pass stood until Drew Brees broke it in the 2012 NFL football betting season.

Considered to be one of the first strong passing quarterbacks of the modern era, Unitas is still thought of as one of the best players of all time. Many in the online betting community still call the 1958 NFL Championship match “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” Some NFL analysts believe this televised game was instrumental in increasing the popularity of professional football in the U.S.

Unitas retired from football in 1974, but he continued to be a part of the effort that eventually brought another NFL team to Baltimore, and he was often seen on the sidelines with the Ravens.

Unfortunately, Unitas was also one of the first NFL players to face long-term injuries for the years he played in the league. Because of an elbow injury, he could not use his right hand or engage in any physical sport beside golf due to his knee replacements.

When Johnny Unitas died, quarterback Peyton Manning, then with the Indianapolis Colts, asked officials to permit him to wear a pair of black shoes as a tribute to the former Colt. Unitas was known for wearing black boots. The NFL denied Manning’s request, but Baltimore’s quarterback at the time, Chris Redman wore black cleats anyway and was fined $5,000.

Seeing Flacco portray the Baltimore icon may develop new interest in Baltimore’s first major football star for many younger NFL football wagering fans. Joe Unitas promised YouWager’s source, “No actor can play a quarterback better than Joe Flacco. This will be groundbreaking.”