According to a YouWager news source, the Washington Redskins have agreed to retain the services of veteran quarterback Rex Grossman.

Grossman’s position on the team may be more significant than the team’s roster might reveal

Many online sportsbook bettors tell us that Grossman, the third string quarterback, during Washington’s 2012 NFL football wagering season, may have played a much more important role than his rank within the team might indicate. Some YouWager football bettors feel that Grossman’s recent signing may indicate the front office’s acknowledgement of Grossman’s role as a mentor to young Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. They are sudden stars, and still NFL rookies, but Grossman is an old hand at this business.

Grossman agreed to a one-year deal, and he told YouWager’s source, “I’m very excited to be a part of the organization still, and I’m looking forward to coming in, contributing and getting better.”

After his generic comment, Grossman would not comment on the possibility that Griffin might not recover from his injury and be able to lead the team and be a competitive force in the 2013 NFL football wagering season. As if to confirm his mentoring role for the franchise, Grossman told YouWager’s source that even if the team is publicly looking to recruit Pat White, it had nothing to do with his with his deal.

By now, Grossman, as many YouWager bettors would admit, is something of a true veteran. After scoring in college football for the University of Florida, Grossman was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft. He also played for the Houston Texans. In 2000, as a star quarterback at Florida, Grossman led his team to the SEC championship. In 2001, he was a runner-up for the Heisman Trophy. But in the NFL, Grossman spent many of his early days with the Chicago Bears on the bench, recovering from an injury. In his first full NFL football wagering season, the Chicago Bears won a NFC Championship and a gained a shot at the Super Bowl. But in the years after that, Grossman mainly served as a backup quarterback.

At the University of Florida, Grossman studied under head coach Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook. During this time, Grossman led the nation in passing efficiency, passing completion percentage and yards per attempt. He was voted the Associated Press Player of the Year, and was a very close second in the balloting for the 2001 Heisman Trophy.

Grossman originally signed a one-year contract with the Redskins for the 2010 NFL football betting season. Grossman has agreed to stay with the team in 2013.

When he played for head coach Steve Spurrier at the University of Florida, Spurrier nicknamed Rex Grossman “Sexy Rexy.” But in the NFL, after Grossman suffered multiple injuries, teammates called him “Wrecks Grossman.” The quarterback’s 23 touchdowns put Grossman on a list of Chicago’s best. But his 20 interceptions put him at the bottom of another list, YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans say. The strange combination makes Grossman one of more intriguing -and inconsistent- quarterbacks in the league.