Tim Pernetti Praised by Campus Officials in December: College Basketball News at YouWager

Former athletic director of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights Tim Pernetti was praised by top campus officials in December when he suspended former coach Mike Rice, who physically and verbally abused his players.

According to what YouWager experts have learned, Pernetti stated he was willing to give Rice another opportunity instead of firing him because he thought the coach could change.

However, the 42 year-old’s decision ultimately cost him his job and he resigned last Friday in the wake of the scandal that came into the national spotlight when footage showed Rice mistreating his players.

The college basketball coach was originally fined $50,000 and suspended for three games in December. The 44 year-old coach was fired last week.

The school’s president Robert L. Barchi, who also has suffered from the scandal, commended Pernetti and his department for handling the matter “appropriately,” according to the minutes.

Board members of Rutgers agreed that Rice should be fired, according to the meeting minutes. In addition, Pernetti was also asked to explain circumstances of the suspension.