“I’ve got a lot of confidence after getting in shape and after seeing the progress I’ve made physically and knowing what I’m capable of, given my instincts on the field. I’m very optimistic and pretty confident of what I bring to a team. The Colts also named a few characteristics I had that I wasn’t sure they anyone else was seeing, you know unique characteristics, so that gives me the confidence that they’re going to give me a pretty good shot.”

– Lieutenant Josh McNary

U.S. Army officer’s gamble on Colts pays off

Josh McNary is a veteran. Of college football. Some of YouWager’s dedicated college football bettors may remember the name. McNary played his college football for Army, as he attended the United States Military Academy. Like his classmates, McNary has spent the last two NFL football wagering seasons serving the U.S. Army.

As a free agent, McNary recently signed with the Indianapolis Colts.

While he didn’t play in the two years he has been out of action, risking the chance of a transfer to action of another kind, clearly McNary kept himself in tremendous shape. At a regional combine in Texas, an Indianapolis scout was very impressed by McNary. By the end of his West Point career he had 195 career tackles, 9 passes defensed, and 5 forced fumbles, despite his smaller size. As YouWager’s serious college football bettors will remember, McNary is only 6 feet tall and 251 pounds.

Once the deal is finally official, McNary will launch his second comeback. He told YouWager’s news source, “Once I committed to going to the combine and stuff like that, I incorporated a lot of football skills and drills to kind of bring myself back. So I’ve been doing a lot of drills in general, things that get me moving like a football player again because that doesn’t happen overnight. I was still in shape being in the Army and everything, but it’s a different type of shape. In the Army, it’s a lot more long-distance running, more endurance-based and football is more of an explosive sport.”

McNary will join the Colts as soon as his Army commitment ends in May. The product of a military family, McNary told YouWager’s source, if the NFL doesn’t work out, he could always reenlist. He said, “I’ve learned so much through the four years at the academy and also to this point, I’m starting to learn so much, I’m finally feeling comfortable in the Army and I wouldn’t want it to go to waste. So I could definitely see me sometime trying to return to the Army.”

The Colts were not the only team that was interested in McNary.

He told YouWager’s source, “I did have other opportunities, but the Colts were just unique in their enthusiasm to get me on board. I got a call from the general manger (Ryan Grigson), who basically said sign with the organization, and that was huge. I got a call from Coach (Chuck) Pagano. It was just an overwhelming amount of attention that they showed toward me, it definitely wasn’t matched by any other teams and these guys saw things in me that I thought I only knew I had. It sounds like they’re going to put me in a place where they can optimize my potential, kind of like they did in college. So I thought it was a pretty good choice.”