“We’re all faced with circumstances, we all have conditions, we can focus on those or we can live in vision. I talked about mindset up there. When I took this job, this organization was completely blown up. Now you realize there are only 32 of these jobs, and it’s completely blown up and you’re certainly not going to say no if they offer you the position. … They gave us zero chance to do anything.”

-Chuck Pagano, head coach, Indianapolis Colts

As any of YouWager’s serious NFL football bettors know, Chuck Pagano, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was diagnosed with leukemia in September of last year, at the beginning of the 2012 NFL football wagering season, and he took an immediate leave of absence from his coaching job. In November, Pagano’s doctors announced that he now is in remission. In a show of support, 24 players and 2 cheerleaders shaved their heads, beginning a movement they now call “CHUCKSTRONG”.

Pagano had some great backup. His offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians led Indianapolis for the next 12 football games. Pagano returned to his coaching position at the end of December.

Taking a break from the NFL draft, Pagano told fans that they too can fight through their problems just like him. He told a YouWager news source his secret was actually very simple: Stick to it. Never give up. He said this was also the reason his team had done so well without him. He told YouWager’s source, “They refused to live in circumstances, they lived in vision. What got me out of this hospital besides all the love and support from this community and this team and this owner was watching them (the Colts) fight. It’s amazing what you can do when you have the proper state of mind. We can, we will, we must, no matter what the odds, no matter what the circumstances, we will get the job done.”

Speaking to the audience at the Brady Sports Achievement Awards, Pagano told the crowd that this philosophy would work for them, too.

In the 2012 NFL football wagering season, Pagano’s comeback inspired the online betting community. It also seemed to turn around the team. Other athletic figures were honored for their personal courage at the ceremony. These included Purdue basketball player Drey Mingo, high school swimmer Noah James, volleyball player Shanna Kelly, and track star Derek Drouin. James overcame a double lung transplant to return to competition.

Even if head been healthy, Pagano’s faced extraordinary challenges taking the job with the Colts, many YouWager bettors admit. When Pagano, the former defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, was hired by owner Jim Irsay and general manager Ryan Grigson in January of 2012, he walked into an extremely difficult situation. The Colts had just endured their worst season in 10 years. The franchise had already dropped Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday, Gary Brackett and Dallas Clark.

But Pagano had an inspiring message for the team. It must have had an impact. YouWager’s football bettors saw the struggling Colts win 9 more games than the previous season. They also had some Luck. Quarterback Andrew Luck, one of the hottest young rookies to hit the NFL.

Some sportsbook bettors speculate that Pagano’s inspiring message made the difference. Now, Pagano is sharing that message with the sports betting public.

Pagano told YouWager’s source it’s all about vision. “Vision, process, comeback, it doesn’t matter. Your vision, your mindset, everything you’ve done at this point to do the great things you’ve done, just stay with it. Don’t deviate,” Pagano said.