It’s not enough to win the Super Bowl if you are an elite quarterback these days. Apparently, for many of them, there is still something to prove. And it can cost an NFL team millions. Saying it was about “respect,” Joe Flacco forced the Baltimore Ravens to make him the highest-paid quarterback in the National Football League and signed a record $120.6 million deal. Even Tony Romo got a $108 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Some of YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans are probably scratching their heads over that one. Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers may soon set the bar even higher.

It hardly makes news today when one of the top millionaire players puts the bite on his franchise to be paid more than his contemporaries. But here’s a refreshing twist: as Matthew Stafford looks to be next quarterback to move beyond 9 figures, he says he’s more concerned about his team, the Detroit Lions. He wants to make sure the salary cap isn’t squandered on him.

Stafford told a YouWager news source, “I want talent around me, frankly. You see guys breaking records with how much they’re making and all that stuff, and honestly, you want fair market value, but I don’t really care about breaking records too much.”

Stafford told YouWager’s source that he would rather break records on the field.

He still has 2 years remaining on his contract. He should make $12.5 million in 2013. In 2014, he’ll get $11 million, in 2015, he may possibly get $15 million. With their current salary cap, Stafford will ultimately cost the Lions around $20 million during the 2013 NFL football betting season. In 2014, he’ll also count for nearly that much against the cap. In 2014, Ndamukong Suh will cost the team more than $21 million.

If Stafford is sincere, YouWager’s football bettors will likely see him sign an extension that won’t break the bank. Or the Detroit Lions. Stafford told YouWager’s source it’s all about the team. He said, “Right now, that’s football for me. That’s kind of why I’m letting the agents and all that talk to the front office here and figure that stuff out. I would imagine there comes a point when we’re getting it done or not. [The Lions] would want to do something. I want to do something. We’ll figure something out, hopefully, and if not, then we’ll move on and table it for a year.”

As YouWager’s avid college football bettors will remember, before he turned pro, Stafford played for the University of Georgia. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions first overall in the 2009 NFL Draft. Stafford is only the 4th quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw more than 5,000 yards in a single season. Long before his NFL or college career, a bright future was predicted for him. Playing for Highland Park high school in Dallas, Texas, Stafford was generally considered to be the best young quarterbacks in the country by many in the online betting community. Before he ever played in college, some leading NFL analyst predicted that he would one day be the first pick in the NFL Draft.

At a time when players seem to compete off the field for the title of ‘highest-paid,’ many sportsbook bettors may be surprised to hear a star quarterback talking about team spirit. Stafford makes his case with a very sound point. “I want to win games and have as many good players around me as I possibly can,” he told YouWager’s source.