Pat Summerall Passes Away at 82: NFL News at YouWager

Pat Summerall has died after more than four decades of being the deep, resonant voice that described some of the biggest games in America. As YouWager NFL fans know, the sportscaster delivered the details on 16 Super Bowls, the Masters and the U.S. Open tennis tournament with a simple, understated style that was the perfect complement for John Madden’s explosive personality. Madden was Summerall’s partner for half of the former NFL player’s career.

Summerall passed away yesterday at age 82 of cardiac arrest according to University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center spokesman Jeff Carlton who spoke on behalf of Summerall’s wife, Cheri.

The Florida native’s final play-by-play words beside Madden were clearly expressed as he called the game-ending field goal of the Super Bowl for Fox on Feb. 3, 2002, when the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis Rams 20-17.

Summerall delivered a flawless summation without distracting from the reaction viewers could see on the screen.

When their final broadcast was over Madden described Summerall as “a treasure” and the “spirit of the National Football League” in a tribute to the partner that complemented the energetic former Oakland Raiders coach so well.

Summerall started doing NFL games for CBS back in 64 and became a play-by-play guy in 1974.

The former New York Giants player was also part of CBS’s coverage of the PGA Tour, including the Masters from 1968-94, and U.S. Open tennis.