So much for hyping the NFL’s newest crop of college football stars to the sports betting public. One general manager didn’t want anyone to know his name, but he did say what he thought when he spoke to a reliable YouWager news source, and he didn’t sugarcoat it. He simply said, “Worst draft in past 10 years or longer.”

Other industry insiders have been complaining, says YouWager’s source. People working for different teams have been grumbling, too. But no one wants to appear critical of the National Football League, so no opinions have been public, or attached to names. Some sportsbook bettors speculate that the reason no team personnel or coaches wish to be seen in a negative way is because the NFL is sensitive about any disparaging remarks. Understandably, the game’s ruling body would not want anything to happen that might possibly hurt TV ratings.

That’s why YouWager’s source can only report what a certain GM has said about the NFL Draft this year, without revealing his name or team. He spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Typically teams do get to select strong players in the later rounds of the draft, and they surely will. Not every great player is already a star when they get to this point, YouWager’s source admits. But the real excitement at an NFL Draft revolves around an exceptional player. The kind a coach thinks he can build a team around. This year, there is no Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, or John Elway to get the sportswriters cranking up the interest on the Internet. Players like these bring a national spotlight to the process, many knowledgeable online bettors feel.

This year, the GM tells YouWager’s source, there’s a shortage of franchise quarterbacks and what he calls “impact players.” There will be a small number of powerful performers, he says, but not many.

According to the general manager, last year brought nearly 23 players that deserved to be in the first round, and this is about average for a NFL Draft. This year, however, he says it will be different. He told YouWager’s source, “There will be 13-15 players picked in the first round that are true first-rounders. That’s a fairly low number.”

Many in the online wagering community say quarterbacks affect the NFL Draft the same way they impact a team. The anonymous GM does not think there a true first round quarterback in this year’s draft. He may have a point. YouWager’s dedicated NFL football wagering fans have seen plenty of debate and questions about the actual value of Mr. Geno Smith, for example.

A senior analyst at YouWager reminds us that football’s top experts have made plenty of mistakes with the NFL Draft over the years. People can be wrong. It happens. Still, the unknown general manager maintains a strong opinion about this one.

“When we look back at this draft in five or 10 years, we might view it as one of the worst we’ve seen in some time,” he said.