Former South Carolina star Marcus Lattimore, and his new-and-improved knees are ready for the NFL Draft. The former Gamecock told a YouWager news source he has spoken with many NFL clubs already. He’s heard nice things from Philadelphia, St. Louis, New England, and San Francisco, and now, the popular tailback will wait out the draft in Atlanta with his people.

YouWager’s serious NFL football wagering fans know that Lattimore was expected to be the first running back, a sure first-rounder selected before the 2012 season started. But after coming back from an injury and surgery, a horrific hit did major damage to his other knee.

Just six months ago, Lattimore’s right kneecap was dislocated and three ligaments were torn. Lattimore had surgery in November. As soon as he could, he began training. Lattimore has worked out every day, in an effort to prove to the NFL that he’s still Marcus Lattimore.

Steve Spurrier, head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, has said the kind of person that Lattimore is will make all the difference. Lattimore has come back from injury before. He missed the last 6 games on the 2011 college football betting season with a torn ACL in his left knee. He applied himself and was eventually cleared to return to the field. Coach Spurrier told YouWager’s source, “He’s going to be a success at whatever he does because of the kind of person he is.”

Dr. James Andrews, surgeon to the sports stars, claims Lattimore is way ahead of schedule in his recovery. He says the young man is one of the hardest workers he has ever treated. Lattimore told YouWager’s source, “He keeps saying I’m going to shock the world.”

Lattimore put on a show for NFL scouts and experts recently, running drills, and demonstrating his strength at a Pro Day on the University of South Carolina training center.

When he is strong, Lattimore can eat up some turf, say YouWager’s college football bettors. In his first SEC contest, a game against the University of Georgia, Lattimore quickly earned coach Spurrier’s respect when he rushed for two touchdowns and broke 42 tackles.

Spurrier told YouWager’s source, “The next time Marcus carries a ball, he ought to get paid.”

Meanwhile, Lattimore waits for that very special call. He’s hoping one NFL club will make the kind of investment in his skill that will change his life forever. He’s ready for that. “It’ll be a dream come true,” Lattimore told YouWager’s source. “Then it’s time to go to work.” Even if that doesn’t happen, he won’t give up. If he’s not drafted, he says he will find a way to prove himself. “Once I get on a team and prove that I’m fully back, I’ll be good to go,” he said.