Robert Griffin III admits that his participation in the Seattle game that injured his knee was a mistake. Almost.

When YouWager’s NFL football wagering fans saw the young star quarterback of the Redskins, Robert Griffin III, tear his ACL and accumulate other injuries to his knee, ultimately in a horrific hit, in Washington’s playoff match with the Seattle Seahawks, some of these sportsbook bettors were wondering why the nation’s hottest rookie was ever in the line of fire. Should a player that important to the team play hurt in his first year? Even in the playoffs?

Few industry analysts supported coach Mike Shanahan’s strategy when it involved putting the injured quarterback back in the game. But some portions of the sports betting public, with money riding on a game, might have felt otherwise. Griffin tweeted immediately after the game that he was OK about it all. Now that he has had some time to think about, he may be seeing the experience differently.

According to a YouWager news source, in a recent interview, Griffin spoke about ‘the mistake’ that some call his time in the Seattle game. Griffin told YouWager’s source, “I don’t feel like playing against the Seahawks was a mistake. But I see the mistake IN IT.”

Because the young quarterback continued to remain in the game, and suffered a serious injury, when he will start for the Redskins in the 2013 NFL football betting season is a prominent question for the online betting community. Now, Griffin admits that he would not do it that way again. After working hard to recover, Griffin has apparently some time to think about his team’s big gamble in the posteseason. He told YouWager’s source that he if he has to it do over, he will sit out a game or two to make sure he is strong enough to play.

“With what happened and how everything was running — you take me out. If that happened again next year, I’d come out of the game and sit until I was 100 percent healthy,” Griffin told YouWager’s source.

Everything Griffin says makes news, so it’s important to put his latest words in context, some analysts caution. While this may seem like something of a reversal from Griffin’s earlier remarks, it may just be a simple hard lesson learned by a new player in his first year in the National Football League. It’s called experience, YouWager’s seasoned sportsbook bettors say. As any serious football bettor knows, Griffin had already gotten hurt when Washington faced Baltimore previously in the season.

Griffin told YouWager’s source, “If I had another incident like the Ngata hit, I’m out of the game. You pull yourself out at that point. You learn from your mistakes.”

This should be good news for any of YouWager’s Redskins fans. It’s wonderful to be an incredibly talented dual threat quarterback. But it’s still a good idea to play smart. For insurance, Washington took Kirk Cousins in the 2012 NFL Draft to take some of the pressure off the young superstar. Judging from what Griffin is saying now, football bettors may see a lot more of Cousins in the 2013 NFL football wagering season.