Jim Ross, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, speculated recently that the former Heisman Trophy winner might end up as a professional wrestler if no opportunities open up for him in the NFL. It might not be as crazy as it sounds, say some of YouWager’s die-hard NFL football wagering fans. Tebow may love Jesus, but no one would blame him if he gave up on the sport of football, given the way he has been treated.

It appears that the New York Jets were almost deliberate in the cruel way they dropped the quarterback, after the NFL Draft, at a time in the offseason when most NFL teams have already loaded their rosters with new talent. It will be much more difficult right now for Tebow to find a job.

So the WWE might just be the ticket.

Tebow wouldn’t be the first famous athlete to cross over into wrestling. YouWager’s older bettors will remember how, back in the 70’s, Muhammad Ali once faced Gorilla Monsoon in the ring. Others have tried it. Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman had a pay-per-view match. Comedian Andy Kaufman even incorporated pro wrestling into his strange act.

The WWE has encouraged the participation of celebrities in their festivities. Drew Carey, Donald Trump, Pete Rose, and many others have contributed to the spectacle of the sport. Tebow doesn’t even have to wrestle to be a part of the circus. He could be a guest referee, some sportsbook bettors admit.

Even though YouWager bettors can be critical about Tebow’s skills or his limited passing ability, no one disputes his strength. Most will agree he is an excellent physical specimen. Only 25 years old, Tebow could be performing at his peak in a ring.

Given his faith, he would have to be a ‘good guy,’ most bettors will agree.

Of course, Tebow clearly loves football. He has spent so many years of his life pursuing it. If Tebow has to sit out an NFL football wagering season, it may be more likely for him to compete in the CFL. However, showman Vince McMahon is said to be in constant search for ways to put Wrestlemania in the spotlight, and Mr. Tebow would certainly fill that bill.

As the WWE’s Jim Ross wrote in his blog, stranger things have happened. There are people, and then there are famous people. As some of YouWager’s serious football bettors have remarked, there are usually far more opportunities and privileges for famous people. We have not seen the last of Mr. Tebow.