What keeps a team sharp in the offseason? Practical jokes.

According to a reliable YouWager news source, a number of pranks have been played on members of the Denver Broncos. The culprit? Peyton Manning, the team’s star quarterback. Some sportsbook bettors see these pranks as a demonstration of Manning’s comfort level within the Broncos.

A few teammates told YouWager’s source that Manning should not get too comfortable. He should watch out. Someone is going to get back at him.

Orlando Franklin, a Denver linebacker, said, “I think a lot of guys are going to jump at that opportunity. So we’ve just got to plan something out real good for him and get him when it counts.”

To throw them off from the set up, Manning organized a trip for more than 20 of his fellow players, to see a Yankees/Rockies game. While Franklin, who weighs 330 pounds, was interviewed on live television, receiver Eric Decker decked him, hitting him from behind. Other players had been warned, and many had their cellphones out to take a picture of the hit.

Later, Franklin’s tweet revealed that he knew Manning had set him up. And that he would find a way to get back at him.

In March, Eric Decker was fooled into believing he would have to pay $3,000 for a workout session at Duke University. Decker told YouWager’s source the itemized bill even had state sales tax on it. It was completely bogus. Decker has promised to get back at Manning, too.

Remember YouWager bettors, you heard it here first. When Manning gets tricked, publicly, you will know what it’s all about.

Decker promises a very special practical joke. He said, “There’s some stuff in the works, I got some Intel from some people on his side.”

Franklin admitted he turned his back on the team to talk to a reporter, and that was all it took. He told YouWager’s source, “I wasn’t really paying attention to it. That was stupid on my behalf, but like I said I’m looking forward to getting those guys back.” Franklin says Manning has played tricks on several players. “Well, he’s pretty much gotten everybody on the offense. So I was one of those guys – it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m glad that we got it out of the way.”

According to YouWager’s source, one of Manning’s standard team pranks is changing the language on a player’s iPhone to Chinese. “I actually caught him in the middle of it,” tight end Joel Dreessen confessed. “I was in the shower and I get back to my locker and he was standing at my locker with a towel. I was like, `What is he doing?’ He was trying to change the language on my iPhone.”

Dreessen later programmed Manning’s iPad to make an alarm, that sounded like a barking dog, go off at 2AM. But somehow, Manning knew something was up, and left the iPad in the locker room.

How has Manning avoided practical jokes so far? Perhaps he has a secret special ability. In an interview last year, Drew Karpyshyn, a novelist responsible for several Star Wars books, claimed that of all the players in the NFL, Manning is the man that most resembles a Jedi Knight. Karpyshyn told a YouWager source, “The guy always seems calm, cool and collected. He follows the Jedi mantra of ‘there is no emotion, only peace’ But he’s still an incredible player – when he’s on the field the Broncos are a contender. Obviously he must be using The Force to get it done, right?”