Heat vs. Bulls: NBA Live Wagering Lines at YouWager

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls

Tip-off: Friday, May 10, 2013 – 8:00 PM ET

United Center, Chicago, IL

Luol Deng and the Chicago Bulls have had to face difficulties lately. Yesterday the 28 year-old made an appearance at the Bulls’ practice facility, but online sports betting experts knew that he might not be able to make it back in time to play in his team’s rocky postseason series versus the Miami Heat.

Looking for reinforcements for their depleted roster, the Bulls are going to have to hold still while Deng recovers.

The 28 year-old joined his teammates for the film session covering Wednesday night’s 115-78 drubbing by Miami that evened the series heading into Game 3 in Chicago on Friday night. Deng also got on the court and took a few jumpers, but that was all he could handle.

While the Bulls were taking stock of their injuries — Kirk Hinrich had a second MRI on his injured left calf, and Derrick Rose was the “same,” according to Thibodeau – the Heat were preparing for the first game of the series at the United Center. It’s Miami’s first trip to meet the Bulls in Chicago since a 101-97 defeat on March 27 snapped their 27-game winning streak.

Miami was amazing in Game 2, running away from Chicago after a surprising 93-86 defeat in the series opener on Monday night. A 62-20 run was more than enough to wipe away the residue from the Heat’s first NBA playoff defeat, and MVP LeBron James had only three points in the tidal wave — a troublesome statistic for the Bulls, and there’s more.

The Game 2 blowout was the 41st time that basketball team in the league won a playoff game by 35 or more points. In the previous 40 occasions, the team on top of the blowout went on to win the series 36 times.

YouWager experts consider this is a good sign for the Heat, but James is certain that it can turn around quickly. He was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers when the Cavs lost 108-72 versus the Washington Wizards in a 2008 playoff game and went on to win the series.