“You don’t want to put up with the circus.”

– Unnamed NFL coach

The man’s fans simply don’t understand it. Tim Tebow probably doesn’t understand it. Why isn’t the young man that won a Heisman trophy just a few years ago on a National Football League team? YouWager’s serious NFL football bettors aren’t usually distracted by hype or fads. They focus on the business of winning. Mr. Tebow may not have the throwing ability of RG3, but still, it is puzzling.

The answer may have less to do with Tebow’s statistics or shortcomings.

As online betting community debates Tebow’s ability, or the possible improvements in his ability, there’s another problem, bigger than the athlete himself. It’s not his religion. There are many players that rely on their personal faith for inspiration. Robert Griffin III often makes the sign of the cross after succeeding with a difficult play.

Apparently, the biggest drawback any Tebow club faces is the media frenzy that surrounds the quarterback, and the distraction that creates for a team.

Yes, it appears that Tebowmania itself is responsible for the fact that Tebow appears to have no options after being dropped by the New York Jets. No offers, even for some sort of hybrid position, as a starter or a backup, as a converted halfback, or punt decoy. Even Canada’s football league seems to lack interest, and that’s too bad. A clever use for the young man could make some style of inventive play very interesting for YouWager’s football bettors.

As one coach, who did not wish to be named, told a YouWager news source, “He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup. But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

Can a clean-cut young man, who is saving himself for marriage, really be more trouble than Terrell Owens? That’s the view many coaches and teams are taking. New York’s head coach, Rex Ryan, never seemed to know what to do with Tebow. As the unnamed coach told YouWager’s source, “I don’t understand what the Jets did. You have to have a plan for him, but they had no idea what they were doing. I do think they were shocked how bad he looked in practice and in the preseason … how bad his accuracy was. But why make the trade for the guy if you’re not clear on how to use his abilities?”

To make matters worse, an attorney in Florida has made a commercial that implores the Jacksonville Jaguars to hire Tebow. Fans have rented billboards, launched websites. That’s the “circus” coaches speak of. Is there an NFL coach willing to deal with the circus that comes with Tebow? Even a new-and-improved Tebow?

And to add to the confusion that surrounds the controversy, Former New York Jet Vinny Testaverde told YouWager’s source that the rookie quarterback has made some major improvements. After working with Tebow, Testaverde said, “We got his footwork fixed. His throwing motion is now a non-issue. He throws with what we call ‘effortless power.’ He doesn’t have that elongated motion anymore and his head isn’t moving two-and-a-half feet when he throws it.”