Carmelo Anthony to Talk to Tyson Chandler in Private: NBA News at YouWager

Earlier this week Carmelo Anthony stated he will talk to Tyson Chandler in private about comments the New York Knicks center made on Sunday, suggesting the team was not doing a great job on offense.

The 30 year-old Knicks player criticized his team’s offense after they scored 71 points in a Game 3 defeat versus the Indiana Pacers on Saturday.

Chandler did not refer to anyone personally. However, Anthony and J.R. Smith are the players who YouWager fans know most frequently act alone to create their own shot.

Anthony did not like Chandler’s statements. But even before he addressed the issue with reporters, he insisted that his team was on the “same page.”

Other players were unhappy about the Knicks’ lack of ball movement and reliance on one-on-one play in the wake of their Game 3 defeat.

The 28 year-old Anthony shot 6-for-16 in the defeat. The New York native took nine fewer shots than his postseason average. His NBA team shot just 35.7 percent in the loss.

The Knicks’ guards had difficulties in particular like Raymond Felton who managed to score six points on 1-for-8 shooting to go along with two assists and three turnovers. Felton, Pablo Prigioni, Smith and Jason Kidd combined to shoot 5-for-24.