Before they were famous, some actors played football

Did you know that long before he was Apollo Creed, battling Rocky Balboa, or fighting an alien with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or chasing bad guys as Action Jackson, Carl Weathers played a little football?

Some of YouWager’s serious NFL football betting fans might not be surprised to know that before he portrayed the heavyweight champion of the world in that very popular 1976 movie, Weathers enjoyed a pretty good run in college football. It began at Long Beach City College and ended with San Diego State.

According to a YouWager news source, the actor’s college career did not get off to a smooth start. Just as he was looking forward to starting his college career as a freshman, Weathers injured his ankle when he tripped over a curb that surrounded the track while he was working out with another linebacker. The injury kept him out of his first college football season. But Weathers did not give up. He transferred to San Diego where did quite well. So well, in fact, that he eventually turned pro.

Weathers discovered he enjoyed acting while he was in college, but he also realized that his football skills might offer him a more secure path to the Big Time. The Oakland Raiders signed Weathers as a linebacker. He played 7 games in the 1970 NFL football wagering season, and only 1 game the following year. Weathers later played in the CFL for the BC Lions. He retired in 1974 and pursued acting. During his football career, Weathers played for some very famous coaches, a senior analyst at YouWager reminds us- Don Coryell at San Diego State, and John Madden with the Oakland Raiders.

Weathers was candid when he told YouWager’s source why football didn’t work out. He said, “I’ll give you a completely honest answer. I wasn’t present. I was a guy who had a tremendous amount of ability, but my head was always in the world of wanting to be an actor. I majored in theater at San Diego State. My one eye was on football, and my other eye was on Hollywood.”

In his early days in Hollywood, Weathers appeared on some television series and found small parts in films. Then his role as Apollo Creed, the boxer that barely beat Sylvester Stallone’s character in Rocky put him on the map. Weathers, a physical fitness buff, had not let himself go when he retired from football, and his physique helped him land parts. “No one doubted this guy could pound someone in the ring. He was very muscular,” one YouWager bettor admitted.

It was all acting, actually. Weathers had never really boxed before, according to YouWager’s source. His physique was the result of good football training.


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