Who is the greatest NFL quarterback of the modern era?

YouWager’s experts tallied up the statistics and pitted their favorites against each other. Here’s their list:

10. Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys (1969-79)

Even though he was drafted by Dallas in 1964, Staubach wasn’t on the team for their first 5 NFL football wagering seasons. He was doing time in the U.S. Navy. When he did finally play for the Cowboys, in 1971, Staubach quickly became an effective leader. In his 9 years as a starting quarterback, Staubach made the playoffs every year but 1972, when he recovered from a shoulder injury. “Captain Comeback” and the Cowboys went to 4 Super Bowls, and won 2 of them. 4 times Staubach led the entire NFL in efficiency.

9. Brett Favre, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings (1991-2010)

YouWager’s serious football bettors know if you look beyond the hype, there’s an incredible success story here. In 297 consecutive starts, Brett Favre played from September 1992 through December 2010, most of that time, for the Packers. For Green Bay, Favre threw 442 of his record 508 touchdowns, and led his team to 2 Super Bowls, and helped them win Super Bowl XXXI. Over those 20 NFL football betting seasons, Favre won a total of 186 games, and passed for more than 30 touchdowns in 9 of those.

8. Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins (1983-99)

As any older hardcore sportsbook bettors knows, Marino’s never won the Lombardi trophy. But he did throw for 420 touchdowns. Early in his career, Marino once passed for 5084 yards in a season. That record stood for 27 years. He lost the Big One to San Francisco in 1985.

7. Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers (1970-83)

It’s easy to think of Bradshaw as a silly buffoon these days. By now, YouWager’s football bettors are more used to seeing Bradshaw as a TV personality, but back in his glory days, he had some glory, all right. While some NFL fans see the man as a colorful redneck, it’s important to remember that Bradshaw and the Steelers won 4 Super Bowls, a fact that trumps most arguments.

6. Troy Aikman, Dallas Cowboys (1989-2000)

Aikman was an integral part of trio that rebuilt the franchise. With head coach Jimmy Johnson, and new owner Jerry Jones, Aikman first struggled as a rookie, losing 11 games in 1989 with a 1-15 record. Then he led the club to 3 Super Bowl victories. Aikman and his teammates often built such strong leads that he frequently didn’t play in the last quarters.

5. John Elway, Denver Broncos (1983-98)

Elway made history before he even took to the field. First, he refused to play for Baltimore. Then, almost as punishment, he endured 3 Super Bowl losses. Some of YouWager’s football bettors complained about his accuracy, but he proved his metal in the clutch, fans say. He even won his Super Bowl rings in his last 2 seasons.

4. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos (1998-present) Manning’s lowest total was his rookie year, and that was 3,739 yards. He’s thrown 436 touchdown passes in 15 seasons. 11 times in the playoffs, 2 conference titles, and only 1 Super Bowl victory. After 4 neck surgeries, Manning took the Broncos to a 13-3 record, scoring 37 touchdowns and 4659 yards.

3. Steve Young, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers (1985-99) Steve Young had to take over for an injured Joe Montana in 1991. If he was intimidated, he didn’t let it show. Young was soon leading the NFL in completion percentage, as one of the most efficient quarterbacks the sports betting public had ever seen. He led San Francisco to the playoffs 7 times in a row, and a victory in Super Bowl XXIX. If Young had enjoyed a longer career, with his solid performance, he might be the Number 1 QB for some of YouWager’s serious NFL football wagering fans.

2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots (2000-present)

Like him or hate him, it’s hard to ignore a few facts: in his first 4 years as a starting quarterback, Brady won 3 Super Bowls. Yes, he had a lot of help, with great receivers, but in 13 years as a professional, Brady has accumulated 334 touchdowns and almost 45,000 yards.

1. Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs (1979-94)

Known affectionately as ‘Joe Cool,’ many in the online betting community say Montana is still the man they measure other quarterbacks against. A true leader. 4 Super Bowl wins in 9 years. 5 times, Montana led the NFL in completion percentage. For a lot of YouWager’s football bettors, Montana is simply the best there ever was.